Georgina Gregory

Senior Lecturer

School of Journalism, Media and Performance

Harrington Building, HA240

+44 (0) 1772 89 3046

Subject Areas: Film and Media

Georgina studied fashion design, before embarking on a teaching career. She taught at several universities, teaching critical and contextual studies to art and design students, before accepting a post at UCLan. Currently teaching modules on popular music and youth culture, Georgina also has expertise in careers management.

Georgina is research active within the area of journalism, media theory and practice and is a member of the Film, Media and Culture research group.

Full Profile

Georgina Gregory has expertise in visual culture of popular music, subcultures, gender and performance and tribute entertainment. She has published internationally on the subjects of tribute entertainment, gender and performance, boy bands, popular music and bereavement and careers management in media and film.

Georgina has given international conference papers on the subjects of fashion and popular music, tribute entertainment, boy bands and pop masculinity, popular music, grieving and loss, gender and performance and popular music and automobile culture. She supervises postgraduate students in the areas of youth subcultures, visual culture of popular music, tribute entertainment, gender and performance.


Gregory, Georgina (2013) Transgender Tribute Bands and the Subversion of Male Rites of Passage through the Performance of Heavy Metal Music. Journal for Cultural Research, 17 (1). pp. 21-36. ISSN 1479-7585

Gregory, Georgina (2012) You Can Make Me Whole Again: Using Embodiment in the Simulation of Reunion. Journal of Popular Music History, 7 (2). pp. 211-224. ISSN 1740-7133 (In Press)

Gregory, G. (2011) Send in the Clones: a Cultural Study of the Tribute Band, London: Equinox

Gregory, G., Healy, R., Mazierska, E. (2007) The Essential Guide to Careers in Media and Film, London: Sage

More publications

Research Activities

Selected Publications: Monographs, Journal Articles etc.


Gregory, Georgina (2014) ‘She’s My Little Deuce Coupe: Freudian Transformation in The Beach Boys’ Car Songs’, in Popular Music and Automobile Culture, ed. by Christopher Hart, Mark Duffet and Beate Peter, London: Sage (under review)

Gregory, Georgina (2014) ‘Dismantling the Canon and Playing for Equality: Rock and Roll Camp for Girls’, Music and Arts in Action (Under Review)

Gregory, Georgina (2013) ‘Mandonna – Reifying Hegemony and Shunning Resistance with ‘Camp Lite’, in Re (defining) Kitsch and Camp in Literature and Culture, ed. by Justyna Stepien, Cambridge Scholars (in production)

Gregory, Georgina (2013) ‘Madchester’ and the Representations of the North-South Divide in the 1980s and 1990s’, Manchester History Review, (in production)

Monograph: Gregory, Georgina (2012) Send in the Clones: a Cultural Study of the Tribute Band, London: Equinox ISBN 9781845532635/hb and ISBN 9781845532451/pb

Journal Article: Gregory, Georgina (2012) “You Can Make Me Whole Again: Popular Music Tributes Embodying the Reunion.”, Journal of Popular Music History, Vol. 7, No. 2

Journal Article: Gregory, Georgina (2012) ‘Transgender Tribute Bands and the Subversion of Male Rites of Passage through the Performance of Heavy Metal Music’ in Journal for Cultural Research, Volume 0, Issue 0, pp. 1-16, ISSN (Print) 1479-7585 - ISSN (Online) 1740-1666

Journal Article: Gregory, Georgina (2012) ‘Take That: Dancing the Rhetoric of Post-Fordist Masculinity’, Porte Akademik, Journal of Music and Dance Research, Volume: 3, pp: 22-31

Journal Article: Gregory, Georgina (2012) ‘Stairway to Heaven: Grieving, Loss and Popular Music’, International Journal of the Humanities, Vol. 9. Issue 10, ISBN-13: 978-1612290621

Conference Proceedings: Gregory, Georgina (2010) ‘The Paradox of Authenticity and the Tribute Band’, International Conference on Music Representation, Istanbul State Music Conservatory, June 2010

April 1, 2008 – April 30, 2008 in conjunction with CSV Media Youth Take on Preston, a Heritage Lottery funded photographic exhibition, The Atrium, Fylde Road Preston

Gregory, Georgina, Ros Healy and Ewa Marierska (eds.) (2007) The Essential Guide to Careers in Media and Film, London:Sage, ISBN 9781412923729/pb and ISBN 9781412923712/hb and 9781849202381/ebook 240pp.

Journal Article: Gregory, Georgina (2002) ‘Masculinity, Sexuality and the Visual Culture of Glam Rock’, Culture and Communication, pp.36-59. ISBN 1 301 7241

Slide Set (with commentary) Gregory, Georgina (2000) The Visual Culture of Glam Rock, Manchester Metropolitan University ISBN 1861320701

Slide Set Gregory, Georgina (1996) Joe Bloggs, Manchester Metropolitan University, ISBN 1 86132 039 6

Slide Set (with commentary) Gregory, Georgina (1995) Style and Northern Popular Culture: A Case Study of Joe Bloggs Jeans, Manchester Metropolitan University ISBN 1 86132 038 8

Teaching Responsibilities

Currently teaching:

  • Reading the Media,
  • Youth and Popular Culture,
  • Planning Your Career in the Media,
  • The Visual Culture of Post-War Popular Music.

Music Researcher, Performing Rights Society 1999-2013.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2007).

External Activities

2012- Research Associate. Media Discourse Group, de Montfort University

2012-13 Member of BAFTA Working Party on Careers and Employability

2012-13 Consultant – Playing Tribute, documentary

2001-13 Member of Accord Gospel Choir

2012-13 Consultant – Playing Tribute – a Documentary, Synchronicity 11

1998-12 Music Researcher, Performing Right Society

2011-12 Associate Editor International Journal of the Humanities

2007-10 Member of Editorial Board Journal of Employability and The Humanities

2006 Consultant- Chameleon Productions, Made in Manchester,

2005 External Referee Journal of 20thC History

2003 Consultant - BBC series I Love the ‘70s


Hipster Culture, Metamodernism and the Search for Authenticity, Second Conference of the European Beat Studies Network, Aalborg University, Denmark, August 28th-30th, 2013

‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’: Facing Mortality with Popular Music Tributes’,
Death, Dying and Disposal 11 International conference - Theory meets practice
The Open University, Milton Keynes, 5th – 8th September 2013

“Embodying Heavy Metal with Rock and Role Play”, Talking Bodies: an Interdisciplinary Conference on Identity, Sexuality and Representation, Chester University, 26th-28th March, 2013

Guest Lecture, “Interrogating Discourses of Authenticity and Imitation in Popular Music”, 25th October, 2012 Centre for Creative Technology, Leeds Metropolitan University

I’ll Be Back– Reflections on The Beatles’ Contribution to Pop Heritage, The Beatles at 50 Conference, The School of Political, Social and Geographical Sciences, Loughborough University, October 4-5, 2012

“Dedicated Followers of Fashion” - Retro-Retailing and the Precession of the Simulacra, European Popular Culture Association Inaugural Conference. London College of Fashion, , 11th – 13th July, 2012

“Girl’s Got Rhythm”: Female Tributes Rocking Against the Canon”, Israeli Musicological Society Annual Conference, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, 26th-27th June 2012..

“She’s My Little Deuce Coupe” - Freudian Transformation in the car songs of The Beach Boys, Popular Music and Automobile Culture, Symposium, University of Chester, 22nd June, 2012

Mandonna ‘The Alpha Male Tribute to the Material Girl”: Reifying Hegemony and Shunning Resistance with ‘Camp Lite’. Kitsch and Camp in Popular Culture Conference, University of Lodz, Poland, 21st -22nd May, 2012

“Gender and Genre Trouble”: Tribute Bands Subverting the Confines of the Corporate, Theorising The Popular Conference, Liverpool Hope University, 14th-16th July, 2011

Making Things Whole Again: the Take That Reunion Conference, University of Salford, Salford, 3rd -4th June, 2011

“Stairway to Heaven” – Reflections on Bereavement, Loss and Posthumous Performance”, Ninth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Universidad de Granada, Spain, 8th -11th June, 2011

“Memorialising Popular Music – Tribute Bands and Cultural Memory”, Popular Culture and American Culture Association International Conference, Turku, Finland July 2009

‘The Subversion of Males Rites of Passage Through the Performance of Heavy Metal Music: the Transgender Tribute Band’, International Association of Cultural Studies, Crossroads Conference, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, July, 2008

“Resisting and Transgressing Gender Stereotypes in Rock and Heavy Metal: Lez Zeppelin a Case Study” Dichotonies: A Workshop on Gender and Music
University of Cologne, Germany, June 13th -15th , 2008

‘The Resistance of Stereotypes of Gender and Sexuality: Transgender Tribute Bands’, IASPM International Biennial Conference:¡Que Viva la Musica Popular! Mexico City, Mexico, June, 2007

‘The Paradox of Authenticity and the Tribute Band’, International Conference on Music Representation, Istanbul State Music Conservatory, October 2005

‘‘Revisiting the ‘70s: Music Culture and Identity’, Liverpool John Moores University, Posting The Male conference, August 2000