Dr. Susan H Jones

Dr. Susan H Jones

Associate Lecturer in Chemistry

School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Maudland Building, MB063

+44 (0) 1772 89 4023

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Forensic Science

Susan is a Materials/Composites Chemist with expertise in the area of zeolites, carbons and nanomaterials. She developed (patents and patents pending) a channelled, high fluid transport zeolite molecular sieve monolith to adsorb greenhouse gases including hydrofluorocarbon-134a GWP100 of 1300, methane and carbon dioxide and her main aim/mission in life is to use the zeolites also for their catalytic properties, using them to convert greenhouse emissions to usable fuels (reforming).


Full Profile

Along with being an Associate Lecturer at UCLan and teaching in the areas of Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology and Forensic Science, Susan is the CEO and owner of her own company Cage Concepts Ltd. She has patents (pending and recently granted) in the US, Europe, China and South Korea pertaining to channelled, high fluid transport zeolite monolithic materials and zeolite/carbon composites (for use in environmental management i.e. greenhouse gas capture, ion exchange and also in medical devices). She has a PhD in Zeolite/Carbon Materials /Composites Chemistry obtained from Surrey University (2010), Dissertation entitled: ‘Nanoporous Carbon/Zeolite Composites for the Adsorption of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC)’. Her undergraduate degree was in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry (MChem 2.1 Honours, also Surrey University - 2004) and a PGCE from Oxford University (2012). She previously worked as an Analytical Chemist for TATATM, a Composites Chemist for MASTcarbonTM and carried out a Post Doctoral Research project for the Dstl (MoD) on nano thin films. Prior to her scientific career she worked as a Manager in the Leisure Industry and has lived in places as far flung as Gabon, Liberia, Lebanon, Cyprus, Austria, France, Bolton, Worsley, Liverpool, The Wirral, Manchester, Bristol, Surrey, Oxford and Cheshire.


1. Zeolites and Composites Incorporating Zeolites – US patent No. 9,339,788. May 2016

2. Chinese patent application No. 201280031671.3 – Patent pending December 2016

3. South Korea patent application No. KR10-2014-7002164 – Patent pending July 2017

4. Divisional US Patent Application No. 15/130,522, Attorney Docket No. 0124221_Div1, EFS ID 25510664 "Zeolite Monolith And Method Of Making The Same, Composite With Zeolite Monolith And Method Of Making The Same, And Method For Incorporating Two Or More Zeolite Monoliths" patent pending July 2017


Membership of professional and learned bodies

  • Member of the Institute of Physics (IoP)
  • Member of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
  • Member of the Institute of Minerals, Materials and Mining (IoM3)
  • Member of the Woman’s Engineering Society (WES)
  • Member (associate) of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Research Activities

Zeolite/carbon materials for use in medical devices and environmental pollution control (adsorption and catalytic conversion of GHG’s and TIC’s and ion exchange for polluted waste water clean-up)


  • Materials for room temperature preservation of biological samples
  • Materials for intensifying bio markers in breath samples of substance abusers
  • Nano thin films for use in fuel cells and/or PV’s
  • Materials as catalysts for the conversion of greenhouse gases to usable products.
  • Analysis of reservoir, river, sea and tap water for gaseous molecules and metal content.
  • PAH content of soil samples
  • PAH’s and markers in oil spills
  • Heavy metal analysis of hair and nail samples

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Module tutor for: Foundation Chemistry and Introduction to Chemistry for students of Forensic Science. Member of the Athena Swan Team, Staff Champion for staff Experience.


  •  Synthesis of LTA zeolite in the pores of unmodified carbon supports. ACerS, 31st Inter. Confer. Proc. US - January 2007.
  •  LTA and NaX zeolite/carbon composite materials. Presented at the Chemistry Innovations Annual Conference, Loughborough, November 2007.
  •  Synthesis of zeolite in the pores of unmodified carbon supports for ammonia adsorption and other TIC. Presented to the British Zeolite Association, Annual Conference, Keele, June 2008.
  •  LTA and NaX zeolite/carbon composites materials for GHG and TIC adsorption. Presented at the Euromat (Euromaterials) Annual Conference, Glasgow, Sept. 2009.
  •  Synthesis of LTA, NaX and H-SOD in the pores of unmodified carbon supports for HFC-134a (GHG) and ammonia (TIC) adsorption. Presented at the Surrey ‘Local Heroes’ Colloquium, November 2010.
  •  CO2-sequestration using zeolite/carbon nanocomposites and zeolite-only replicas of carbon templates. 11th Inter. Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization - ICCDU XI - France, June 2011.
  •  Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) and Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) on Carbon/zeolite composites, RSC Early Career Energy Sector Chemists Symposium, Cranfield University, November 2012.
  •  Nominated for the American Ceramic Society Future Leaders Program Award, attended ACerS Conference, Baltimore, USA, April 2014.