Dr. Dawne Gurbutt

Professor, Collaborative Learning and Teaching. Interim Head of Collaborative Education

Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Harris Building, HB112

+44 (0) 1772 89 3639


Subject Areas: Health, Public Health

Dawne is a person-centred practitioner with extensive experience of working in areas of social deprivation. She is committed to widening participation, community engagement, collaborative education and service user engagement. She is an enthusiastic lifelong learner with broad educational interests. She has experience of managing provision within different disciplines including Medicine, Social Work, Public Health, Allied Health and Primary Care. She is a qualitative researcher with a keen interest in narratives and the stories people tell about health, illness and life experience. Committed to collaboration and building communities, she works across traditional boundaries developing  connections and educational opportunities.

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Full Profile

Dawne is an experienced practitioner and academic with a background in public health. After qualifying as a nurse, midwife and health visitor, she worked in areas of social deprivation across the North of England working directly with families and communities. An experienced academic she holds qualifications in a range of discipline areas including Health, Education, Literature and the Social Sciences and has managed a wide range of provision in different HE settings. This experience has led to a keen interest in collaborative practice and education. She has been involved in mentoring and coaching for many years and has published and presented in this area including international workshops. Interactions and narrative is a continuing area of interest and her doctoral research formed the basis for a book on narratives: Gurbutt, D.J. (2007) “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Stories for learning and reflection about SIDS, Motherhood and Loss” Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Publishing

Dawne has held strategic roles including working across the four nations of the UK as Discipline Lead for Health in the Higher Education Academy, UK. Her role in the HEA included commissioning, designing, managing and delivering projects and programmes on pedagogy, public involvement, creativity in teaching and learning and she led on national initiatives including the development of an integrated PPI strategy for Health, internationalisation of the health curriculum and developing/commissioning resources to support HEI colleagues in Health. She also worked with institutional teams as a facilitator with the Change Academy. Whilst at the HEA she led on initiatives to increase collaboration across disciplines and to explore innovative ways of working to support a wider notion of ‘collaborative learning’ and to cross fertilise learning techniques and tools across disciplines. She represented the HEA on national forums on simulation in HE and creativity in the curriculum involving work with Flipped Classroom approaches, developing MOOCs and working on virtual reality resources with colleagues in Canada. She was a co- founder of the Lived Experience Network which provides a forum for service users, educators, students and practitioners to share best practice and innovation and to support each other in problem solving – the network now has a large national and growing international membership.

These strands of work have developed further since he return to UCLan where she is now leads on Collaborative Learning and Teaching across the university. This includes work in Interprofessional Education in Health and Social care and also Interdisciplinary Education. She is committed to collaborative learning and working with stakeholders and service users in IPE to improve patient outcomes. She is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education( CAIPE) and is also a member of the CAIPE Board where she co-leads the Learning and Teaching group with Professor Juanjo Buenza, University of Madrid . Drawing on her background in Public Health and work on interprofessional education she was commissioned by CAIPE in 2016 to produce a book on ‘Collaborative Practice for Public Health’, London: Taylor and Francis.

 Working in close collaboration with individuals and groups has been a continuous and consistent thread throughout her career in health and education. She is currently working across the university to facilitate interprofessional and interdisciplinary education to enable students to learn with, from and about each other and their graduate roles. Dawne is a Governor at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust and a former staff member of the Board at UCLan.


  • PhD : ‘ Making and Remaking Motherhood: Maternal Grief Following SIDS.’
  • MA English Literature
  • MA Educational Research ( Distinction)
  • MA Health Studies
  • BSc (Hons) Nursing
  • BA (Education with Psychology)
  • PG Advanced Certificate in Research Supervision
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Teaching activities and responsibilities

  • Collaborative Learning and Teaching 


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Gurbutt D.J and Gurbutt R., (2016) Reflections on a coaching pilot project in healthcare settings. Higher Education Pedagogies, 1.1, 89-94

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Gurbutt R. and Gurbutt, D.J. (2015) ‘Learning in Virtual Worlds.’ In Brewer G. and Hogarth, R. (Eds) ‘Creative Pathways to Inclusion and Accessible Education’ London: Palgrave Macmillan

More Publications



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  • Identity and bereavement.
  • Narratives and Identity
  • Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Education.
  • Pedagogy and Creativity in the Curriculum.
  • Service User Engagement


  • Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy / Advance HE
  • Honorary Fellow of Centre for Advancement of Interprofessional Education
  • Board Member Centre for Advancement of Interprofessional Education
  • National Association of Educators in Practice (Committee member)
  • Higher Education Partner Governor –Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust
  • Former Staff member of  UCLan Board
  • Lived Experience Network (Service user engagement)