Information for all year groups about medicine placements

This page provides information for all year groups during medicine placements.

About the School of Medicine and the MBBS Course

The School of Medicine opened in 2015 with 36 students. This cohort graduated as Class of 2020, and applied for Foundation training in the UK.

The school has been in a period of considerable growth and now has around 800 medical students across the 5 years. The majority are overseas students. We also have a limited number of UK places and 2 UK scholarship places. These places are for students from the North West only. Our application process has a strong emphasis on widening participation.

Following a rigorous quality assurance process, the school was granted degree-awarding powers by the General Medical Council in February 2020. UCLan was added to the GMC’s website listing of institutions approved to award a primary medical qualification.

The MBBS curriculum

The MBBS has a spiral curriculum, with three vertical themes running through the course. These are:

  • Medicine in clinical practice (known as integrated science and clinical medicine)
  • Medical skills and quality care
  • Evidence informed practice of medicine

These themes combine in year 5 into Transition to Clinical Practice

In years 1 and 2, students are based at Preston campus. They undertake some short clinical placements in community settings or with our partner trusts.

In years 3, 4 and 5, students move away from Preston. Students will either be based:

  • In Victoria Mill at our Burnley Campus
  • In the National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine at our Westlakes Campus in Cumbria

The school works with several partner trusts for delivery of clinical placements. We also work with General Practices, and third sector and other community healthcare providers.


Students log their attendance via Timesheets in their e-portfolio.

Medicine placement FAQs

If a student is unable to attend, they are expected to:

  • Email their phase one or two officer
  • Email the Medicine Placements team
  • Telephone the practice before the start time of their scheduled activities

If your student doesn't turn up and and you have not been informed of their absence inform the Medicine Placements team as soon as possible so we can make sure that they are safe. 

If you have concerns about a student’s attendance, please issue a Professionalism Development Opportunity via completion of an Event Form. The Event Form system has options for Wellbeing and Safety, and Professionalism Lapses.

Choose whichever one you feel is most appropriate for the situation as you understand it. This will then be dealt with by the Professionalism, Wellbeing and Safety Tutor or Lead for Professionalism who will take appropriate action.

Please be assured that all students will have had a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check by the University prior to being allowed to attend placement. The student will have a copy of this, and we ask they have this available if you need to check.

The students also must complete the E-Learning for Health module for their year group. This includes safeguarding adults and children level 2 and resuscitation.

Please send out an email to the student introducing them to the practice and include a timetable if possible.  Set out the expectations for the first day including expected time of arrival and the practice address (this is especially important if the practice has more than one site). Perhaps include some travel hints if necessary.

Role of the supervisor

The supervisor is a key individual in terms of the student experience and is a significant role model.

The role of the supervisor includes the following aspects:

Health and safety induction 

For each placement, the student will be expected to attend a workplace induction. This includes an expectation that the student remains compliant with the practice’s or community clinic’s health and safety advice. This should include, but is not limited to: