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  • Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

The Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) has been set up to manage health related trials for UCLan and external organisations. The Lancashire CTU team has accrued many years of experience in the skills required to develop, manage and analyse clinical trials with a growing specialisation in trials of complex interventions, in particular feasibility trials. The formulation of the Lancashire CTU structure was initiated in 2012 and we are currently supporting national and international trials.

The Lancashire CTU offers a quality assured service for the coordination and delivery of key services pertaining to robust clinical trials of complex interventions and other well designed studies.

 We offer support in:

  • Trial design and developing collaborative applications to funders
  • Trial and site set-up and on-going management, including oversight monitoring
  • Randomisation
  • Data management (including form (CRF) design, data entry and data cleaning)
  • Statistical analysis and reporting

These services are underpinned by our robust quality assurance processes

We specialise in complex intervention trials in the topic areas of:

  • Stroke
  • Midwifery
  • Cancer
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Public/population health
  • Mental health

We would consider collaborations in other areas of health research.

If you are interested in engaging with the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit then please apply for our support using the Lancashire CTU request form as early as possible. The completed form should be emailed to

Please find our support request guidelines here: Support Request Guidelines (.pdf) 291kb


Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit group photo

Expertise and Subject Areas

  • Trial design and development
  • Feasibility trials
  • Complex intervention trials
  • Trial management
  • Data management
  • Statistics
  • Trial Reporting
  • Research
  • Quality Assurance



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Events and News


June 2017
Study settles debate over head position following stroke

21 March 2017
CRN Support for Trials Seminar, Adelphi Building

30 March 2017
Lancashire CTU training day, Legacy Hotel


22 November 2016
Lancashire CTU training day Adelphi Building, University of Central Lancashire

14 September 2016
Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

12 July 2016The Health and wellbeing Research Methodology and Implementation (HeRMI) seminar, 12th July 2016 "Trial Site selection: Engaging clinical staff in complex interventions" by Denise Forshaw, Principal Clinical Trials Manager.


15 February 2015
Lancashire CTU training day, Westleigh Conference Centre, University of Central Lancashire


September 2014
Role of emergency care staff in managing acute stroke

18 June 2014
Stroke nurses to take part in global trial of patient positioning policies. (Nursing Standard)

16 June 2014
University hosts county’s new clinical trials unit

12 June 2014
UCLan launches Lancashire’s first Clinical Trials Unit

12 June 2014
Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit Launch Event



Prof Dame Caroline Watkins (Director)

Trial Management

Denise Forshaw (Principal Clinical Trials Manager)
Emma Neil (Associate Clinical Trials Manager)
Jane Fitzgerald (Senior Trials Assistant)
John Heney (Senior Trials Assistant)

Trial Design and Statistical Analysis

Svetlana Tishkovskaya (Lecturer in Health Statistics)
Selman Mirza (Senior Statistical Research Assistant)
Naseerah Akooji (Senior Statistical Research Assistant)
Dr Miland Joshi (Lecturer in Health Statistics)
Chris Brown (Statistical Research Assistant)

Information Systems and Data Management

Joe Robinson (Senior Information Systems Developer)
Alison Hadley (Data Co-ordinator)
Glenn Holt (Senior Clinical IS Assistant)
Carole Bruce joined UCLan in October 2015 and supports the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit as a Data Co-ordinator. Carole has completed her Data Entry Clerk training, and has extensive administration experience gained through her information analyst role within the military.



Quality Assurance

George Georgiou (Quality Assurance and Training Manager)


Alison Gibbon
Alison joined UCLan in October 2015 and supports the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit in an administration and data handling role. Alison has completed her Data Entry Clerk training, and has experience in a variety of administration and clerical roles.

Simone Finley (Senior Associate Research Officer)
Simone provides senior administrative support to the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit. Simone has worked in administration for 16 years and has a vast amount of knowledge in this area including developing and delivering administrative processes, support in recruitment of staff, data entry, data extraction, conference organisation, monitoring funding and producing reports and supervision of clerical staff.

Molly Cronshaw
Molly joined the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit in April 2018 in an administration and data handling role.

Helen Oates
Helen joined the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit in February 2018 as Assistant Business Manager. Helen has worked at UCLan for over 11 years primarily in Finance supporting the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, School of Nursing and School of Community Health & Midwifery

Dr Hayley Tyrer 




Current projects


Completed Projects