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UCLan-Cultivate Food Safety Culture for Business Performance

Launched in 2020, the UCLan-Cultivate initiative invites leaders in the food industry to better understand their business’ culture of safety.  This new technological solution enables both real-time food safety culture measurement and assessment of the impact of culture interventions during a weekly cyclic continuous improvement process.

Led by our Professor of Food Safety Management Systems and Co-Director of the Nutritional Sciences and Applied Food Safety Studies Group and Prof. Carol A. Wallace, and Principal of Cultivate Food Safety in Switzerland, Dr. Lone Jespersen. This project works with businesses individually to collect and analyse data using the innovative technology platform, Cultivate Pulse.

This real-time technology platform differs from other measurement systems in its engagement of colleagues on the frontline through daily feedback and engagement activities. Interview, focus group, and document review will also be conducted to complement the outputs from Cultivate Pulse.

The idea of “food safety culture” has garnered increasing interest in recent years, yet its measurement and improvement, as well as their efficacies, have not been systematically studied in food businesses.

This project, drawing interdisciplinary perspectives from management, business performance, and organisational psychology, will be the first to shed light on food safety culture maturation in food manufacturing settings. It uses real-time, evidence-based technology, to improve both safety and business performance.



  • Strengthen food safety culture in UK food manufacturing businesses and, by which, strengthen their business economic gain and success
  • Improve food safety performance in individual business via weekly feedback on company culture
  • Establish networks and increase knowledge transfer by connecting industry, regulators, academia, and general public to our online knowledge base
  • Improve business adaptability via technology-based, low-effort, weekly dialogue with frontline teams and continuous leadership engagement 



Public Outputs

UK Food Businesses Invited to Join Innovative Food Safety Culture 

Project Staff


Cultivate, Switzerland and Dr. Lone Jespersen



  • HEIF/Industrial Strategy Knowledge Exchange Funding (2019-2021)

  • Cultivate (2020-2022)

Further information

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