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Healthy Universities: National Research and Development Project

The aim of this National Research and Development Project, undertaken during 2008, was to scope and report on the potential for a national programme on Healthy Universities that could contribute to health, well-being and sustainable development.

The project comprised four strands:

  • Literature Review
  • HEI-level research using web-based and email questionnaires
  • National-level stakeholder research using individual and small group semi-structured interviews
  • Joint action planning and reporting, informed by an interactive data validation workshop. The project comprised four strands:

The final report concluded that there is a clear demand for national-level stakeholder organisations to demonstrate leadership through championing and resourcing a Healthy Universities Programme that not only adds value within the higher education sector, but also helps build consistency of approach across the entire spectrum of education.


Lead investigator:

Project Staff

  • Sharon Doherty

Higher Education Academy Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre / Department of Health, £10,000


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