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Clinical Practice Research Unit (CPRU)

The Clinical Practice Research Unit (CPRU) is the only nurse-led stroke research unit in the UK. Led by Professor Caroline Watkins, this prolific and experienced multi-disciplinary team of researchers delivers programmatic pure and applied research across several domains.

The team has a national and growing international, stroke research profile. Not only is the team increasing the evidence-base for stroke care, but it is also facilitating the implementation of research evidence into practice.

The team is committed to increasing understanding of research, and NHS research capability, and this is apparent from the number of clinicians participating in research training and postgraduate degrees.

The extensive portfolio of primary and secondary research spans the five main areas of stroke care (acute, long-term care, prevention, rehabilitation, and workforce development).

A key tenet is to not just understand what must be done, but how it can be implemented – practically: by fostering clinical engagement and understanding service models and the context of care delivery; and theoretically: by appreciating behaviour change from an individual, and organisational, perspective.

Evidence of the former is apparent through involvement at a local level - in development of clinical (North West Stroke Task Force) and research (Local Research Network for Stroke) networks - and at a national level (Department of Health National Stroke Strategy and Stroke Research Network Clinical Study Groups).

This research group contributes to the cross-disciplinary research sub-theme Evidence for Societal Change.