UCLan to throw cocktail party with a twist

19 June 2014

Lyndsey Boardman

Event reveals the science of cocktails

If you want to discover exactly what it takes to make the perfect cocktail, the chemistry behind their flavours and how to make one that’s hangover free then look no further than Preston’s first ever event to share the science of cocktails and make you feel like Tom Cruise in that classic 1980s film of the same name.

Surgical Spirit: The Science of Cocktails is coming to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) as part of this year’s Lancashire Science Festival. It promises a night out with a twist where visitors will learn the science of mixology, the physiology of booze and impressively, how to make a cocktail that won’t give you a hangover.

The event takes place on Friday 27 June at UCLan’s Foster Building with chemist and mixologist Noel Jackson who will lead people through a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the physiological effects of the demon drink.

The concoctions on offer include some classics such as the Leave it to me No1 created at the Savoy in the 1930s, more modern creations such as the Italian Greyhound and Noel’s own Hangover Free Cocktail. There is a nod in the direction of molecular mixology with an Earl Grey Fizz to start the evening and an exciting mix which makes use of cola as a flavour bridge in the Cuban Bodybuilder.

"I like to think of the evening as rather like QI with cocktails and I am sure participants will find the evening fun and informative."

Noel commented: “We all know that sometimes we drink too much but that the odd glass or red wine is a real benefit but what basis do we have for this received wisdom? Many of the experiments on which we base our understanding of the effect of the demon drink are based on dangerous slim evidence.

“There are many misconceptions about alcoholic beverages and I hope to scotch as many myths as possible. I like to think of the evening as rather like QI with cocktails and I am sure participants will find the evening fun and informative.”

Surgical Spirit: The Science of Cocktails is one of two events aimed at adults for the year’s Lancashire Science Festival and costs £20 per person including the five drinks. To book or for more information call 01772 894288 or email engageuclan@uclan.ac.uk

As well as the additional grown-up events the successful Lancashire Science Festival will once again host primary schools, secondary schools and the general public over three days from Thursday 26 – Saturday 28 June for a free, science extravaganza. The year the event is hosted by UCLan and delivered in association with the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and other sponsors. For more information visit Lancashire Science Festival or Lancashire Enterprise Partnership