Review of Racial Equality and Anti-Semitism: our response

29 November 2022

We have today published the key findings of an institutional review into Racial Equality and Anti-Semitism at UCLan. Below is our response to the review and its findings.

“Following an incident in the summer, we have conducted a thorough institutional review into racism and anti-Semitism. We want to reiterate that we take any allegations of this nature incredibly seriously and to reassure our community that they will be treated with respect and compassion should they need to come forward.

“The key learnings we have taken from this review can be found on this webpage. Some of the changes we’re making as a result of the review’s findings include implementing anti-racism training for colleagues across the University; making improvements in the support provided to both colleagues and students involved in allegations of racism; committing to better communication as part of our complaints process; ensuring any student complaint is handled in as timely a manner as possible; and working hard to instil a sense of belonging in our community. Supported by the work already underway around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we hope this will further drive the creation of a healthy, safe and positive environment and one which embraces diversity and fosters a culture of learning and belonging for all.

“We know that issues such as racism and anti-Semitism are difficult societal issues; but we are absolutely committed to playing our part in tackling them head on, and we want our students, staff and graduates to know that their voices will be heard if they need to speak out about experiencing or witnessing discrimination- our Report and Support website means you can remain anonymous if you wish. There is also a wide range of mental health and wellbeing support for anyone dealing with these issues.”