Darwin Day Lecture

Previous Darwin Day Lectures

The University of Central Lancashire have hosted nine previous Darwin Day Celebration Lectures. Darwin Day is an important event in the academic year and we are proud to have welcomed the following distinguished academics to the University:

2018 Sophie Scott
2017 Hannah Critchlow
2015 Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
2014 Robin Dunbar
2013 Bruce Hood
2012 Nicola Clayton
2011 Nicholas Humphrey
2010 Sir Patrick Bateson
2009 Armand Leroi
2008 Richard Wiseman
2007 Susan Blackmore
2006 Richard Dawkins

The Darwin Day Lectures mark a worldwide celebration of science and reason. If you would like further details about the Darwin Day Celebration Lectures held at the University of Central Lancashire then please email Mike Eslea or telephone 01772 893424.