Free webinar series to reveal the Covid-19 lessons we must all learn

13 May 2020

University draws together leading experts to discuss the unfolding crisis while looking to the future post Covid-19

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has unveiled a free webinar series which aims to help businesses and organisations across the region and nationally to recover and thrive post Covid-19.

Aimed at those with professional roles in areas such as business, emergency planning, digital security, psychology, health and policing, the webinar series will examine topics such as policing the lockdown, online security, the development of psychological support for frontline workers and their families as well as the long-term effects of Covid-19 on businesses and the economy.

The webinar series has been developed by UCLan PROTECT (Place for Resilient Organisations and Total Emergency Capability Training) a specialist crisis and emergency management centre to help organisations improve emergency preparedness and become more resilient.

UCLan’s Dr Carol Cox, UK Lead for PROTECT within the School of Forensic and Applied Sciences, said: “The pandemic triggered by COVID19 has been unprecedented, impacting on every person, business and industry. It has demonstrated loud and clear that companies and organisations need to build resilience into their DNA.

The ability to react quickly and decisively to change, and to be able to recover quickly from a disaster, is central to long-term sustainability.

“The University is at the forefront of developing qualifications in this area and through UCLan PROTECT we have access to expertise drawn from disciplines across the University to provide a holistic approach to crisis and emergency management.

“Our businesses and organisations have to become truly agile and this free webinar series is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other for the benefit of all.”

The initial series of six webinars beings on Wednesday 20 May and concludes on Wednesday 24 June. Each webinar consists of a pre-recorded presentation followed a live question and answer session (except 3 June, where the presentation will also be live).