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Eclectic showcase is a must see

15 January 2013

Rachel Atkinson

MA Show 2013 highlights creative talents of postgraduate students

A Russian fairy tale, human hair, dirty cotton buds and retro colouring games have provided the inspiration behind the latest eye-catching exhibition at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The MA Show 2013 is a showcase of creative talents from postgraduate students in a range of subjects including ceramics, animation, design, graphic design, games design, interior design, fashion lifestyle promotion and surface pattern.

Displayed in the PR1 Gallery, in UCLan’s Victoria building, it is a colourful mix of bright prints, ceramic creations, interactive art and innovative ideas.

An attention grabbing magical chicken leg house has been created by MA Ceramics student Lisa Svensk. The 28-year-old, who originates from Joensuu in Finland, used the Russian folk tale Vasilisa the Beautiful as her inspiration for the house and accompanying decorative ceramic dolls.

“I loved the story when I was younger and have always been interested in figurines and sculptures”

She said: “I loved the story when I was younger and have always been interested in figurines and sculptures. I started with initial sketches, then started making the models and I’m delighted with the finished result.”

Lisa, who chose to study at UCLan after undertaking an undergraduate exchange programme here in 2009 from her Finnish University, added: “It’s been a fantastic year and a half. It’s been really engaging and has been great for developing my artistic development.”

“The poem is all about women looking lovely but leaving absolute bedlam behind”

College lecturer Angela Obrien used her favourite poem, Jonathan Swift’s A Lady’s Dressing Room from 1732, and her daughter’s bedroom for inspiration for her striking prints.

The 50-year-old, from Liverpool, collected a selection of used cotton buds, tissues, make up removal pads, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. She then turned the items into motifs and used a computer design package to create three different patterns.

Angela studied part-time on the MA Design course as part of her professional development from her visual merchandising role at Hugh Baird College.

She said: “The poem is all about women looking lovely but leaving absolute bedlam behind. The thing is nothing’s changed over the centuries. I watch my 21-year-old getting ready for a night out and it’s a fantastic transformation but what are left are bits and pieces of beauty paraphernalia and a whole lot of mess.”

David Towers has gone back to basics for his MA Games Design work. The 24-year-old, from Warton near Lancaster, has created Pixel Art. It is designed both as an educational tool and to allow families to play together.

The game, which he has tested on local schoolchildren, involves decorating a template, building it to make your own character and then telling a story up about the figure you have created.

David said: “It’s educational because it gets the children thinking about what they are doing and develops a wide range of skills in both art and creative thinking. Once they’ve told their story the aim is to upload the design and story to my website so people can share their designs and tales.”

The free exhibition runs between 9.00am to 7.00pm until Friday, 18 January.