Architecture meets Art

10 March 2015

Lyndsey Boardman

Latest Hanover Project exhibition displayed at UCLan

A series of photographs responding to the architecture of two specific buildings and how their use and purpose has changed over time is the subject of the latest Hanover Project exhibition at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The exhibition is called ‘Still Now is then Forever’ and showcases the work of two artists; Andy Broadey based in Manchester and Frances Richardson based in London.

Andy’s photographic series entitled ‘Still’ focuses on the Budludzha Monument in Bulgaria, as a marker to the fall of Bulgaria’s communist regime in 1989. Frances site-specific sculptural installation ‘Now is then Forever’ responds to the University’s own Hanover Building, an old renovated 1930’s build factory space, and suggests how the function of a building can change over time.