UCLan student on track to write rail safety film

05 January 2015

Lyndsey Boardman

Northern Rail commissions Stevie’s script

A University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) student’s work is set to be seen by millions after his scriptwriting talents were recognised by Northern Rail.

Stevie Smith, a 22-year-old screenwriting student, has won an annual competition set by Northern Rail for UCLan students to come up with a 50 second film script for rail safety and appropriate behaviour whilst travelling on trains.

The budding screenwriter pitched an idea to highlight the dangers of overhead electric cables on train lines. After beating off competition from his fellow classmates Stevie will now work with a professional media company to produce the film.

The film will be seen across the North of England in schools, youth groups, colleges, and other educational Institutions as well as being featured on the TV station Life Channel which broadcasts at venues with a large footfall such as GP surgeries and coffee shops. With all potential audiences combined, it means that Stevie’s safety film could potentially be viewed by millions of people.

The budding screenwriter commented: “It’s an amazing feeling to win the competition and know that my script will be brought to life by a professional company and potentially seen by so many people."

"I can’t wait to see the final film and have enjoyed the whole experience of pitching to a genuine industry client.”

Screenwriting Competition Success 

It is the fifth year in a row that Northern Rail has worked with UCLan screenwriting students to produce safety films that promote key messages. Previous winning pitches have addressed trespassing on the tracks, fare evasion and drinking alcohol on the train.

David Wilkinson, Community Safety Manager for Northern Rail, commented: “At Northern Rail we cover eighty five million passenger journeys each year which is a big responsibility.

“UCLan helps us to address real life problems through this annual competition and each year the students have produced original and worthy ideas. I’m sure Stevie’s film will make a big impact on people when it is screened and I want to congratulate him on producing a quality pitch.”

Stevie was presented with an LED crystal vase and a 12 month free pass for Northern Rail. Two other UCLan screenwriting students; Daniel Case and Beth Irwin were also commended and presented with a six month rail pass for Northern Rail. Their film concepts will be considered by the company for future campaigns.