UCLan Deaf Alerter

Safety, health and environment

To support fire safety for deaf and hard of hearing people, we’ve installed the ‘Deaf Alerter’ system in many buildings on our campus.

Deaf Alerter is a fire alarm messaging system designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

If a fire alarm goes off in a building that has Deaf Alerter installed, then a notification will be sent to all ‘Alerter’ devices within that building.

This is an important way to support fire safety for people who can’t hear alarms sounding. To find out more information on how it's used, watch this video or read more on the Alerter Group website.

  1. The Deaf Alerter system consists of two important parts:

    • ‘Transmitter’ technology installed in buildings.
    • Portable Alerter devices (sometimes known as ‘receivers’ or ‘pagers’) for individuals to carry.

    If a fire alarm goes off in a building where a Deaf Alerter transmitter has been installed, then the transmitter will send a notification to all portable Alerter devices within that building. A visual message will pop up on the devices’ screens, and the devices will vibrate strongly.

    Important: People who are provided with an Alerter device should carry it at all times in order to receive these notifications.

  2. We have invested heavily in this safety system so now most of our buildings have Deaf Alerter coverage.

    You’ll know if a building has full Deaf Alerter coverage as the Deaf Alerter symbol will be displayed on the entrance doorway.

    UCLan deaf alerter symbol

    You can also view a list of buildings with Deaf Alerter coverage in the table below:

    Scroll or swipe on small screens to see all table columns

    Transmitters Serial Number Location
    DA3000 transmitter system 301299 Sports Arena
    DA3000 transmitter system 301016 Livesey House
    DA3000 transmitter system 301015 Roeburn Hall
    DA3000 transmitter system 301014 Whitendale Halls
    DA3000 transmitter system 301013 Foster Building
    DA3000 transmitter system DA301364 Oasis Faith & Spirituality Centre
    DA2000 Transmitter 11979/262 Brook Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 11666/200 Students' Union
    DA2000 Transmitter 16428/900 Allen Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 16185/860 Media Factory
    DA2000 Transmitter 11635 Library
    DA2000 Transmitter 22019 Adelphi post room
    DA2000 Transmitter 28796 Westleigh
    DA2000 Transmitter 11976/311 Brook Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 11122/281 Darwin Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 11653/191 Darwin Building
    DA3000 transmitter system DA301481 Engineering Innovation Centre
    DA2000 Transmitter 11652/251 Students' Union Bar
    DA2000 Transmitter 23387 Vernon Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 22066 Victoria Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 22013 Westlakes campus
    DA2000 Transmitter 18246 Derwent Halls
    DA2000 Transmitter 23651 Douglas Halls
    DA2000 Transmitter 23414 Ribble Halls
    DA2000 Transmitter 28794 JB Firth Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 29464 Leisure Centre & Nursery
    DA2000 Transmitter 30086 Hanover Building
    DA2000 Transmitter   Hanover Building
    DA2000 Transmitter 30095 Pendle Halls
    DA2000 Transmitter 23380 Maud & Leighton Buildings
    DA3000 transmitter system DA301505 Harris Building
    DA3000 transmitter system DA301509 Greenbank Building
    DA3000 transmitter system DA301482 Engineering Innovation Centre
    DA3000 transmitter system DA301503 Computing and Technology Building
    DA3000 transmitter system DA301504 Harrington Building
  3. You can borrow a portable Alerter device from our Student Support Team in the Student Centre, (Preston Campus). You can also contact our Inclusive Support Team for more information.