Optometry Laboratories

We have a comprehensive range of equipment and three dedicated learning spaces for the Vision Sciences students.

Dispensing Laboratory

Our dispensing laboratory is very spacious space with projector screen and numerous white boards around the room to allow small group work, as well as providing all the necessary equipment.

Optometry Laboratory

Our Optometry Laboratory is a large interconnected teaching space with two projectors and four white boards. There are ten separated bays set up as consulting rooms.

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Students undertaking an eye examination.
Students undertaking an eye examination.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • An automatic focimeter; auto-refractor; opd lll; fundus camera; oct; video slit lamps; hfa lll field analysers; henson field screener; oculus easyfield screener; contrast sensitivity test charts; radiuscope; a pulsair nct; visuplan nct; goldmann tonometers; perkins tonometers; icare tonometers; head-mounted binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes; ophthalmoscopy training eyes; retinoscopy training eyes; tonometry training eyes; burton lamps; soft and rgp contact lenses; volk and gonioscope lenses


Open during normal teaching hours.


The Optometry Laboratories can be found in 138a, 140a, 342b of the Harrington Building

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