Eye Health Clinic

Our purpose-built eye clinic, a student led equivalent to a high street optical practice, is open to members of the public.

The eye clinic provides an excellent learning environment for our Optometry and Ophthalmic Dispensing students to gain specialist real world skills. We work with and for the community, also working alongside Preston Hospital Eye department. 


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Optometry, MSc

If you are working within the optical industry and wish to follow a fast-track path to a master’s qualification while working, the three-year MSc Optometry is a good choice. Our blended learning format enables you to embed learning from the on-campus study blocks into your clinical practice.

Ophthalmic Dispensing, BSc (Hons)

Our BSc Ophthalmic Dispensing is a unique, two-year fast-track programme for those in the industry who want to gain qualifications while working.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • Sight test; Glaucoma screening
  • 3d vision (depth perception)
  • Colour vision/colour blindness
  • Dry eye consultations and treatments/advice
  • Glasses (starting complete with anti-reflective coating at £40)
  • Blue light filters available
  • Anti-fog treatments
  • Safety eyewear
  • VDU lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, night driving lenses, varifocals etc.
  • Contact lens tests
  • Supply of contact lenses
  • Visual stress test (colourimetry for dyslexia/Irlen’s syndrome etc.
  • Eye tracking for sports vision State-of-the-art equipment
  • Bespoke dispensing with tailor made lenses


Varied - during term time


The Eye Health Clinic can be found in rooms HA303 – HA326 of the 3rd floor Harrington Building

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