Creative Simulation Zone

The Creative Simulation Zone supports undergraduate and postgraduate groups (mainly media) and is linked to an actual street set, Kirkham Street located behind Kirkham Building.

The Creative Simulation Zone can also be used for Continuing Professional Development purposes. Several courses have been held such as Mediation Training, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence. The space is also utilised for facilitating small workshops.

The zone boasts a range of high-quality audio-visual equipment bringing together all environments for simulation, role play and training. The zone consists of Office Space and Meeting Cube, Observation Room, Street Scene Set and High Definition Control Gallery.

The Creative Simulation Zone also features multiple preview monitors and talk back systems allowing you to communicate with staff, delegates and support crew remotely. Each room is complete with a sound system and video recorder with instant replay of interactions and workshops.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • Three state-of-the-art HD 360 remote pan hot-head cameras where you can play out training simulations
  • Control surface
  • Three large wall-mounted monitors
  • Signal feed from the outdoor street set
  • Restaurant and bar; Two terraced houses
  • Convenience store; Tarmacked road with double yellow lines
  • Authentic street lighting
  • Pavement with drop kerb
  • Ten-channel audio
  • Six-channel vision mixer


Kirkham Building is opening Monday to Thursday (7.30am to 9.00pm) and Friday (7.30am to 8.00pm).

Venue hire outside of these times can be considered however is subject to staff availability. Advanced notice is a necessity.


The Creative Simulation Zone can be found in 011 of the Kirkham Building

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