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Are you interested in volunteering and making a positive difference to people's lives? You can get involved with the help of our Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership (CVCL).

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About us

Sharing knowledge through volunteerism is key to creating rounded, socially responsible graduates. In turn, they will continue to make positive impacts on society throughout their lives.

Currently, we work with over 300 community organisations both nationally and internationally. Every year we also support hundreds of students to gain valuable volunteering experience. This helps to further improve their life skills and enhance their employment prospects. Read more about the CVCL.


Many people think volunteering is simply doing something for free. It's so much more than that. Volunteering with an organisation can help you discover your strengths and career goals. You'll impress employers with your commitment and innovation. And you could unlock paid opportunities with the potential for an exciting future career.

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Learning and development

CVCL offer a range of vocational courses. These support the growth and development of UCLan students, organisations and people who are leaders in the community. From students or individuals looking to upskill, or a public sector organisation, we will have a course to suit your needs.

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We have developed and been involved in some truly inspiring projects and peer-leadership events. These have greatly benefitted individuals and teams working on them. They have also had a tremendous impact on other communities around the world.

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Volunteering in sport can be a rewarding and valuable experience. You'll get an immense sense of satisfaction, belonging and achievement by making a difference to people’s lives. You will also be able to develop new skills and experiences along the way.

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Community organisations

We work with a range of local and national organisations and services. Our goal is to offer volunteering opportunities to those studying here at UCLan, alongside helping the community.

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Our research

We undertake many research projects that benefit and link in with our leadership programmes. These cover a range of disciplines. This includes peer leadership, mentoring, volunteering and community action.

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