Leadership Hub

The Leadership Hub is a highly skilled team of individuals with a passion for and expertise in: creative facilitation; developmental coaching; and the enhancement of professional practice in leadership development and research. The unique selling point of the Hub is its ability to rapidly mobilise bespoke multi-disciplinary teams to deliver leadership interventions, led by Dr Eliza Morgan (Strategic & Commercial Lead, Leadership Hub).

Our work to date has included the strategic development of senior leaders and managers in public sector organisations; facilitated sessions; team development in the outdoors; individual coaching for senior managers; group coaching; leadership development of front line supervisors and CMI accredited programmes; leadership masterclasses and project management.


Lego® Serious Play®

Lego®Serious Play® methodology gives those sat around the table the ability to construct innovative and personalised solutions to the complex problems facing their organisation. A focus on the Lego bricks and models created keeps meetings on topic and maximises engagement from all in attendance, something we call the ‘lean in’ culture. With Lego®Serious Play®, everyone builds a metaphorical model and everyone shares the story of their model, this unlocks more of the collective knowledge in the room and creates an environment where everyone feels valued. At the end of the session your organisation will have created more actionable ideas; better understanding of complex problems; increased participation in meetings; greater ownership of decisions and fewer conflicts through improved engagement.

The Lego bricks are the vehicle or structure for the meeting, the content, questions or obstacles come from the partnership that develops between the organisation and the Leadership Hub, that journey awaits.

Outdoor Facilitation

The University of Central Lancashire has world leading status for research and education in outdoor and adventurous coaching and leadership, therefore it makes sense that the Leadership Hub incorporate some of this expertise into the team. There’s no standard formula for facilitation in the outdoors because the opportunities and options are almost limitless. Sessions could range from simple use of adventure to more sophisticated forms of education exploring complex themes such as learnacy, reflective practice or decision making. Simply hosting a meeting looking out over the mountains might create new energy and innovation within a team, or by making use of an adventurous environment to have a shared experience that, with skilled facilitation, could allow more honest and engaging discussion within a group, or carefully planned sessions with a learning centred approach to cover relevant theories in an adaptable manner for future contexts, such as leadership. The benefits of outdoor education are widely acknowledged but rarely understood, the Leadership Hub aim to change this.

Psychometric and ability testing

A CV, application letter, or an interview only tell half a story when it comes to trying to recruit high quality employees to your organisation. The same is true of making sure the best people are focusing on the best fit role for them and you. The cost of getting this wrong can have dire consequences. Psychometric and ability testing offers employers an accurate way of measuring a person’s capabilities, work style or values in order to acquire the best results for your organisation. In fact, according to the British Psychological Society, research demonstrates that these objective measures provide the most accurate way of measuring individuals.

At the Leadership Hub, our dedicated BPS accredited team of psychometric and ability testers will work with you to select and deploy appropriate measures to make sure  your recruitment and development needs are met. We offer a full range of experience in delivering high quality psychometric testing solutions including numerical, verbal, diagrammatic, and situational reasoning tests through to the personality type indicator, the MBTI (a framework for understanding individual differences and strengths) for professional and personal development of your staff. 

Belbin Team Roles

We’ve all been involved in a team that just doesn’t seem to work. Belbin Team Roles is used in thousands of organisations all over the world to help put a stop to this costly behaviour. The Belbin Team Roles explores the preferred roles undertaken when working in teams. It is used to identify people’s behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace (and those entering the workplace), and to examine how these can be used to create the most effective team for your organisation. At the Leadership Hub, with this knowledge we are able to look at ways in which your teams can work more effectively. This is achieved by producing team role reports and using these to deliver interactive training solutions.

Meet Our Team

The Leadership Hub engages in creative & innovative methodologies but the greatest resource is the energy and expertise of the individuals that are the Leadership Hub team.

Dr Eliza Morgan

Louise Varley

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