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Our Advice and Resolution Centre (ARC) offers members of the public access to free legal services, mediation, cyber crime support, child arrangements advice and our Missing Persons Unit.

Join our free workplace mediation pilot

Our workplace mediation pilot is delivered by our trained and experienced mediators. This is running from January to March 2024.

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  1. The Law Clinic gives our students the opportunity to engage with members of the public by providing them with free legal advice under the supervision of academics who are qualified solicitors.

    It is a valuable service which benefits members of the public who are unable to pay for legal advice. A number of local charities and support groups, in particular Citizens Advice, regularly refer people to us.

    Free Drop-in Clinic

    Our Drop-in Clinic, run in partnership with Citizens Advice, offers members of the public information and guidance on a range of issues including housing, benefits, debt, finance and employment. It is a free walk-in service and no appointment is necessary, but please note that clients will be seen on a first come, first served basis.

    We aim to provide members of the public with the same high standard of service they would expect from any solicitor’s practice. When visiting our Clinic they will be interviewed by one of our trained student advisers, who will be under the close supervision of qualified solicitors from in-house and local firms in Lancashire. Following the session the student will provide them with written advice.

    We rely on volunteers to provide this free service. If we are unable to help for any reason we will normally refer people to another organisation for help.

    Please be aware that we do not provide legal representation.

    We can provide free written advice on many issues including:

    • Accidents and injuries
    • Consumer rights
    • Contract disputes
    • Children
    • Divorce and separation

    Free Immigration Clinic

    We host a free Immigration Clinic once a month with our specialist adviser, UCLan graduate Farheen Adam, who heads up Kayi Consultants.

    Farheen, a qualified immigration solicitor, provides advice on:

    • British nationality
    • business visas
    • entry clearance applications
    • European applications
    • immigration appeals
    • human rights applications
    • settlement applications
    • student applications

    This is a free walk-in service and no appointment is necessary, but please note that individuals will be seen on a first come, first served basis. Advice is often provided on the spot.

    "An invaluable experience going forward in my legal journey, not least down to the clinic having a perfect combination of student independence protected by the safety net of qualified supervision." – LLB Law student

  2. Our Centre for Mediation enables our students to provide advice to members of the public as a crucial part of their training as they work towards becoming outstanding mediators.

    Our award-winning mediation training programmes are accredited by the UK Civil Mediation Council and the International Mediation Institute. Once students have completed their certification, they are able to practise both locally and internationally (subject to additional requirements from each jurisdiction).

  3. Our Cyber Crime Clinic gives our students valuable opportunities to work alongside academic experts and provide advice and support to people who have been a victim of cybercrime.

    We work in partnership with the charity, The Cyber Helpline, which supports victims of cybercrime. The charity utilises the skills of the cyber security community, including experts from the University.

  4. Our Missing Persons Unit enables our students to gain vital experience by investigating unsolved missing persons cases in partnership with the charity Locate International.

    Locate International works on unsolved cases and helps the families of missing persons, working alongside specialists at the University and local communities.

  5. Are you a parent who is separating from their partner? Or perhaps you have already separated but would like to discuss living arrangements for your child(ren) and how much time they spend with you and your partner? Perhaps you and your partner are still together but cannot agree which school your child should attend?

    Our Child Arrangements Advice Clinic is here to help support and advise you about the different arrangements that can be put in place for your child(ren) and to help you understand your options. You will be supported by our trained and experienced clinical experts, and to enhance our law students’ knowledge, a student will observe.

    If you are interested in this service, please contact the Advice and Resolution Centre and we will be able to discuss the service with you in more detail.

    The clinic is free of charge to those in our local community.

Free workplace mediation

From January to March 2024, we're running a free workplace mediation pilot.

Workplace mediation is a service delivered by our trained and experienced mediators. It provides an early resolution to workplace disputes and conflicts, finding a solution that works.

How workplace mediation can help your business:

  • We create a safe place, within ARC, for all parties to have their say and be heard.
  • Disputes can be halted before they escalate.
  • Mediation reduces the stress and anxiety associated with conflict.
  • We focus responsibility for the resolution with the parties.
  • Mediation helps to cultivate a happier, healthier and more harmonious working environment.

If your business is interested in using workplace mediation during the pilot, please contact us:


Phone: 01772 893897

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A timetable detailing our clinics and drop-in sessions
Services open to the public Dates and times Is booking required?
Law Clinic Wednesdays, 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Yes. To book please email

Drop-in Clinic Wednesdays, 11.00am - 1.00pm No
Free Immigration Clinic The last Wednesday of every month, 3.00pm - 4.00pm No

Please note the clinics are only open during semester times.

Address: Advice and Resolution Centre (ARC), Foster Building, UCLan, PR1 2HE

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Clinic Leads at the Advice and Resolution Centre

John smiling in a blue shirt
John Dempsey
Senior Lecturer
School of Law and Policing

John is UCLan’s Digital Safety Advocate, Director of UCLan’s Missing Person Investigation Unit and heads the Security and Forensic Research Group (SAFeR). He is a member of the Child Computer Interaction Group and the Criminal Justice Partnership. John has more than a decade of e…

Headshot of Utkarsh Leo.
Utkarsh Leo
Lecturer in Law
School of Law and Policing

Utkarsh specialises in Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Regulation of Emerging Technologies (like cryptocurrencies, blockchain, artificial intelligence powered facial recognition) and Law and Economics.

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