Industry project work for graduates and students: UNITEplus

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Government funding for this project ended on 30 June 2023.

Please contact our Business Enquiries Team or call us on +44 (0) 1772 895500. We can discuss with you what other options may be available to you to support you.

Is your business looking to recruit a student on placement to work on a business project?

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The UNITEplus project works with Lancashire businesses to provide a university graduate or placement student to assist on a specific project. Working with students and academics will enable your businesses to access the wealth of knowledge within the university. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by the University of Central Lancashire.

How will it benefit your business?

  • We provide your business with additional skills.
  • We enable you to explore the student/graduate employee marketplace on a low risk basis.
  • The project has a positive impact on your company’s performance and productivity.
  • There is no cost incurred because the salary for the student is paid by the project.
  • We create links for your business with our experts here at the University of Central Lancashire

What will this involve?

The graduate or placement student can help your businesses through their knowledge, experience, and skills. The areas that the project covers include:

  • Business administration (HR, finance, marketing)
  • Market research
  • Product testing/validation
  • Social media strategies
  • Video production
  • Other types of projects are considered if the expertise exists within the university.

Who is it for?

We work with businesses or organisations who are located in Lancashire, trade business to business (B2B) whilst employing 250 employees or less. The business or organisation shows an annual turnover of less than £40 million and/or an annual balance sheet total of less than £35 million. They have received less than €200,000 of publicly funded support in the last three fiscal years and have a business premises that the student can work from for the placement.