Why Preston is an affordable student city

Thriving on a budget

Applying to university can be overwhelming, and financial concerns only add to the stress. In this blog, I'll showcase why Preston is an excellent choice for budget-conscious living.

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Meet Amy

As a second-year student at UCLan, I can personally relate to worrying about living costs whilst at uni. However, I’ve discovered that Preston has much to offer.
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Amy Smerdon-Brown
Fashion Design, BA

Preston has earned its reputation as one of the most affordable cities for students from its affordable eats to cheap nights out. In fact, according to The Times UK’s 2023 league table, UCLan is recognised as the “most affordable university in the country.”

Preston is a very walkable city

One standout feature of Preston is its walkability. Everything from where you have your lectures to the train station, the city centre, and local budget supermarkets, are within a short stroll. This not only makes living in Preston incredibly convenient but also helps you save on transportation costs.

Preston is a very walkable and well connected city
Preston is a very walkable and well connected city

Job opportunities

The proximity of the city centre offers numerous benefits. Job opportunities are readily available, making work placements accessible to support your studies. In addition to this, UCLan also provides various on-campus job options, allowing you to balance your work and study life seamlessly. Take a look at Jane's blog about work opportunities at UCLan.

Sharing accommodation whilst at university can help you save money
Sharing accommodation whilst at university can help you save money

Affordable accommodation

One of the main expenses for any student is accommodation costs. However, Preston offers a great selection of budget-friendly options. The city has the third-cheapest average monthly rent in the UK (Save the Student 2023) therefore, renting a house is also a great option which many students choose to do after their first year. Whether you prefer living in a hall of residence, shared apartments, or private rentals, you’ll find a variety of affordable housing options catering to different preferences and budgets.

Take a break

Students often need a night off from their studies, and Preston doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The cost of a pint is below the national average, and there are numerous pubs, clubs and bars in the town for you and your friends to explore. UCLan’s Preston campus also offers its own social places including the newly re-branded ‘Lampworks’ located in the heart of campus, adjacent to the Students’ Union. You can enjoy your social life without worrying about overspending.

By choosing UCLan as your university, you can focus on your studies, create wonderful memories, and begin to build your future without the burden of financial strain. Preston provides a student-friendly atmosphere with all your needs right at your doorstep.