Sophie's experience using inclusive support services

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Meet Sophie

I am thankful to UCLan and their inclusive support team for providing me with such a positive experience, especially since asking for help can sometimes be daunting.
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Sophie Mooiman
BSc (Hons) Neuroscience

Applying to university is stressful enough without having to worry about arranging any disability requirements that you may need as well. As a type one diabetic, I certainly understand this! During my application process, I had to think about my exam and accommodation needs. I was worried that the process would be long and complicated, and with my A-level exams quickly approaching, that was the last thing I wanted.

I could not have been more wrong!

While filling out the application for UCLan, I let them know that I had a disability that I would need support for. I was then asked to fill in the online inclusive support disclosure form. The form provided was easily accessed and clear. I was given many opportunities to specify what I needed from UCLan in terms of my disability, and I felt satisfied that I had been able to say everything I thought was necessary.

From there, I was promptly contacted by the inclusive support team and asked to provide medical evidence. Again, this could not have been easier. I emailed the inclusive support team back, attaching my evidence. Then all I had to do was wait for my exam results!

Once confirmation was given to UCLan that I was attending, I received my academic support plan from the inclusive support team. To say it was thorough would be an understatement! I was given absolutely everything I had asked for – this included a separate room for my exams so I could bring in food/drink, my pump and glucose monitor and any extra time I may need.

My support plan also had things I hadn’t even thought of! This included rest breaks during my exams, should I need them, so I could get up and move around - which is beneficial for my blood sugar levels. Any lecturers and exam invigilators would also be aware of all the adjustments at my request.

The same can be said for my accommodation, as I had chosen UCLan halls of residence. I was supplied with a mini fridge in my room, essential for my medication, with absolutely no problems.

I had never felt so relieved that the entire process from the start of my application to now (after completing my first set of exams) had gone so smoothly.

Contacting the inclusive support team is extremely easy. I know that I can always adjust my support plan or get in touch for further support- that alone fills me with confidence as I continue my studies at UCLan