UCLan graduate Nicol-Stella talks about her experience studying Forensic Science

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science student Nicol-Stella Mavrou describes how the emphasis on real-world learning experiences on her course has given her the best possible preparation for her future career. 

"If you’re passionate about science and looking for a fascinating course where you get to do something new every day, Forensic Science is for you.  

My course covered forensic anthropology, forensic chemistry, forensic genetics, forensic medicine and more. The Crime Scene module has been a real highlight. I got to spend time in our specially constructed crime scene houses and garages on campus, which allow you to carry out forensic investigations in recreations of some of the environments that real CSIs encounter – from burnt-out buildings to the scene of a road accident. I’ve learned how to examine evidence in the lab after it’s been recovered from a crime scene – including ballistics evidence, footwear evidence, fingerprints, fibres and toolmarks."

"My tutors are exceptionally experienced; many have worked professionally in the world of forensics for many years. There’s a real emphasis on teaching you skills which are directly applicable to the professional world of forensic science."

Nicol-Stella, BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

"In Year 3, I studied Death Sciences, which explored the chemical processes that occur from the point where a person dies until the time they’re laid to rest. There was even an opportunity to attend a real autopsy. The module also included forensic medicine and aspects of pathology examining histological slides – thin slices of a person’s organs obtained during an autopsy which are analysed under a microscope to help identify cause of death.  

I was also taught how to analyse blood spatter to determine the circumstances behind how it got there. And I learned how to compose an expert witness statement which could later be presented in court. "

Forensic science student Nicol-Stella analysing a mock crime scene
Forensic science student Nicol-Stella analysing a mock crime scene

"Throughout the course I’ve also learned vital techniques in fire investigation, DNA profiling and toxicology. The University also leads the Lancashire Forensic Science Academy partnership with Lancashire Constabulary, which opens up unique opportunities for students to spend time shadowing professional crime scene investigators or fingerprint examiners.  

I’ve loved my time on the course and it’s great that the huge range of skills I’ve learned will be directly applicable in my future career in the captivating world of forensic science."

Nicol-Stella has since graduated from MSc DNA Profiling at UCLan and is in employment with Cellmark Forensic Services, one of the largest forensic science providers and DNA testing companies in the world.

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