Mark Robinson sees personal and business benefits of Degree Apprenticeship

With a strong understanding of the shifting media landscape, Mark Robinson, the Operations Director at Bellyflop TV, saw an opportunity to push his knowledge further by gaining a BA (Hons) Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship at UCLan Burnley.

"At Bellyflop we have a wealth of experience, creating video and film content for both broadcast and non-broadcast projects since the mid 90’s"

The needs of the consumer have shifted in recent years, with more businesses turning to video and film content to communicate with their audience effectively and directly. Mark commented that “our extensive experience already showed us what type of content works both in terms of content and duration. However, we recognised that a deeper understanding of marketing principles and academic theories would deepen our knowledge and underpin our experience with a broader understanding of marketing."

"For anyone else thinking about a Degree Apprenticeship, I would encourage them to give it serious consideration. If the course aligns with your work as it is intended to then it will not feel like a chore and it will enrich your work life. The support you receive from your course colleagues and tutors will be a great help in overcoming challenges with the course or at work."

Mark Robinson

The course has highlighted and reinforced the marketing principles that Bellyflop were already using, but it has also given Mark space to explore and test potential alternative theories in the workplace. The findings of his workplace-based assignments "can be tested and applied immediately within the business…and the impact of changes can be tested in real time."

Although the most challenging part of the course has been "relearning how to phrase and write academic reports and assignments," Mark has also seen great rewards too. "I have always said, “we don’t know what we don’t know” and taking time for self-development has proved rewarding on a personal level and beneficial to my business too."

After finishing his course, Mark plans to explore further academic learning options, perhaps undertaking a masters.