Joan talks about learning to cycle

A graduate in Chemical Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria, Joan joined UCLan in September 2019 to study MSc Oil and Gas Engineering after receiving the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. 

"International students are treated well and the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship gave me the opportunity to learn in Preston and I have loved every experience. Thank you, UCLan – the guidance and support given by the scholarship contact from the university has been really awesome and must be commended."

— Joan Fiyinfoluwa Medaiyese

"Preston is a beautiful place with beautiful and friendly people. It is definitely easy to make friends with such friendly people. People in Preston are willing to guide you at any point in time."

"A special experience of my time in Preston has been learning how to cycle! Back in my country, cycling is not as common as it is here, so I decided to learn by joining the cycling sports team where I was taught how to cycle. I have also joined the volunteering team at UCLan, as a way of giving back to the University and the wider Preston community."

Cyclists on the Guild wheel
Cyclists on the Guild wheel