Psychology student Lara Metcalfe elected as Burnley Students’ Rep

A second year psychology student has been elected as the Burnley Students’ Rep and onto the Universities Academic Board. Lara Metcalfe aims to further improve the student experience for those studying in Burnley.

Lara studied Psychology, Criminology and Health & Social Care at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy Sixth-Form. Lara went on to study BSc (Hons) Psychology course at our Burnley Campus in September 2021.

She explains, “I applied to a few other universities but am so glad I came to UCLan Burnley because I really like the smaller campus and class sizes. The classes have around 30 people in them and there is a wide range of people in them. I’m one of the youngest and there are students in their fifties.

“It’s good having a range of experience because everyone brings something different to our discussions. We all get along really well too.”

Lara highlights the academic tutors on the course as a highlight. “The course tutors are really supportive and can be easily contacted.”

When asked about why she chose to study Psychology, Lara explained, “the mind and mental health issues has always interested me. Studying it at A-levels piqued my interest further so I wanted to continue at uni.”

Psychology Student and Burnley Students' Rep Lara Metcalfe
Psychology Student and Burnley Students' Rep Lara Metcalfe

Lara mentioned the facilities for the course, “the facilities are amazing, I especially like the observation lab at Princess way. I also really like the anatomy lab.”

Lara moved to Burnley from Darwen and talked about what it’s like to live in Burnley. “I really like the town centre and how close it is to the campus. I really like the food market!”

In her first year, Lara was elected to be the Psychology course rep. Currently in her second year, Lara has been elected to be the Burnley Students’ Rep. Lara wants to improve the experience of students in Burnley and ensure the “Burnley voice” is heard. Lara aims to students that need it most during the current cost-of-living crisis.

"I applied to a few other universities but am so glad I came to UCLan Burnley because I really like the smaller campus and class sizes."

Lara Metcalfe

Another thing Lara would like to achieve is to increase the number of Burnley based student-led Societies. She comments, “it would be great to see more activities and events for students to get involved in at our campus.”

In addition to being the Burnley Students’ Rep, Lara has also been voted onto the Academic board. Lara also works on campus as a Student Wellbeing Ambassador.

After graduation, Lara aims to continue in higher education. Considering postgraduate study before embarking on a career working with offenders in prisons

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