“Eggjelly” Chinese egg soup recipe

This article was written by Accounting student Jeffrey (Hongming)

As students, there is no doubt that we always have plenty of work and study to do. This sometimes means we don't have as much time to cook more involved meals, and it can be very costly to order takeaway every day. I would like to share my recipe for Eggjelly – a Chinese egg soup that is not only a good-value meal and quick to make but also good for your health.

What is egg soup?

Eggjelly is actually more like an egg custard than an egg soup. It is a simple and healthy traditional Chinese dish, suitable for any age group. It's made from two ingredients: eggs and water and has many different combinations with other foods to suit your needs.

I like egg soup because it is delicious and can be made cheaply. It also reminds me of what my hometown smells like – my mom usually cooked this for me in winter during my childhood. I have cooked egg soup very often whilst being a UCLan student, especially when I have bigger workloads for my assignments. It only takes less than 3 minutes to prepare the ingredients and only a few extra minutes for steaming (so I can do anything else during steaming time).

My personal recipe usually includes eggs, spring onions, salt, cooking wine, and dried shrimp. For the first three you can buy them from any store and only costs less than £3 for at least 6 potions of egg soup. The last two ingredients are optional, those are my preference. You can get these ingredients from Asian supermarkets in Preston.

How to make egg soup

There are two ways that you can make this dish, and I will explain both.

Method 1

Traditionally, egg soup is cooked using a steamer, and usually takes 8-15 minutes. My top tip is to boil the water and then let it cool down. The ideal water temperature for egg soup is around 35 to 40 degrees.

  • 2-4 eggs
  • Water
  • Chopsticks or balloon whisk
  • A sieve or strainer
  • A steamer with a lid (and a pan if this is not included with your steamer)
  • Ceramic or glass mixing bowl (that is small enough to fit in your steamer)

Method 2

Other than traditional approach, egg soup can be cooked in a microwave, which maybe more convenient to you.

  • 2-4 eggs
  • Water
  • Chopsticks or balloon whisk
  • A sieve or strainer
  • Cling film 
  • A microwave 
  • Ceramic or glass mixing bowl (that will fit into the microwave)

As mentioned earlier, the best part of egg soup is that you can add different ingredients with it. For example, you can simply add some light soy sauce, spring onion to make it saltier and more delicious. I personally prefer to cook another dish of chicken/pork slices/shrimp and add some rice together.

There is a Chinese saying: "People are the most important to an emperor, while foods are the most important to the people”. I to connect with my friends by discussing different regional cooking styles, talking about our different traditions and our personal preferences.

If you have any questions about this recipe or other places in Preston, you can contact me anytime through ask a student

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