Aisha shares her experience studying Medicine at UCLan

Aisha had almost given up hope of joining our School of Medicine after she missed the UCAS application deadline. Thanks to UCLan accepting direct applications, she is now flourishing on our MBBS course.

Everyone over here is very friendly. I came here alone, and it was my first time leaving my family but I felt welcomed immediately. The academic staff are very helpful and supportive. If we want to talk to them about anything we can just email them or book an appointment.

I went to Manarat International School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I did my A-Levels there and I am so grateful for the support my teachers gave me to reach my goal. Back in Saudi Arabia, we don’t have mixed schools, so studying with the opposite gender has been a new experience for me.

During induction week, we had a trip which was really fun and I got to know my classmates really well. I have enjoyed the anatomy labs and clinical skills sessions, which make learning more interactive and exciting. The most challenging aspect of the MBBS course has been the density of content which, without good time management, would be hard to keep up with.

The special thing about UCLan’s School of Medicine is getting to meet volunteer patients. It was nice to have patient contact from such an early time in the course. We will be having placements in May, which I am looking forward to!

Students laughing in student centre

"UCLan is the university that gave me an opportunity. I was able to apply directly because I missed the UCAS deadline for MBBS applications. I got an offer after losing hope and here I am! "

Aisha Hamid Muhammad Adam, MBBS student

The Student Centre is fantastic! I could go there seeking help on a number issues and staff will guide me. The library facilities are satisfying, and I don’t worry about staying late at night there because it is very safe. I live in UCLan accommodation in the IQ Kopa building where the living conditions are well-managed, and maintenance is available whenever we need it.

Preston seems like a small, quiet city compared to somewhere like nearby Manchester. It rains a lot, which I wasn’t happy about at first, but I am used to it now. Back in Jeddah 20°C is as cold as it gets, so it has taken some adaptation for me. Preston is absolutely a safe city to live in, and anywhere near the city centre or Fishergate area is a convenient place to be – personally, I was pleased to find there are many halal restaurants in Preston too.

Since being here, I have visited Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool which are bigger and busier cities compared to Preston. In my spare time, I like to either chill in my room through the week then go to places like St. George’s and Fishergate Shopping Centre at the weekend, which are a short walk from the campus.

You can easily find someone from your home country here at UCLan, so it is very easy to make new friends and share some thoughts and experiences with others.

Don’t let the rankings table stop you from applying. The experience at UCLan is different and you’ll get to meet international students from all over the world.