Udit Tiwari talks about his PhD and University experience

When Udit Tiwari realised that he felt energised in an academic environment and that doing research gave him a sense of joy, he made the decision to study a PhD in Physics at the University of Central Lancashire.

Studying for a PhD will also enable Udit to pursue his dream career as a Researcher and as an Academic. Talking about his PhD experience, Udit said: “The University provides a very supportive environment for research. I particularly enjoy working here because of the wonderful research community and the friendly academic staff. The University also has a good inter-departmental connectivity which is very helpful in making intra-university connections and collaborations for inter-disciplinary research.”

When asked about the value of Udit’s research, PhD Supervisor, Dr Karen Syres, commented: “The title of Udit’s PhD project is ‘Probing Electron Transport and Nanoscale Behaviour in Perovskite Solar Cells.’ The aim of his project is to understand the link between the efficiency of solar cells and the chemistry at the interfaces of the materials involved.”

She continued: “His research is contributing new insights into the properties of these materials and will support the development of more efficient, long-lasting and lower cost solar panels for domestic or industrial use. His research is thereby contributing to the delivery of clean energy for the future and the net zero agenda.”

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Udit Tiwari, PhD student
Udit Tiwari, PhD student

Reflecting on what a typical day looks like, Udit explained: “I could be in the lab doing my experimental work on a certain week and might be presenting my work in a conference in a different time zone the following week and that’s what makes it so exciting for me. This gives me a chance to travel, meet other researchers and make valuable connections. It helps me develop a sense of independence which I think is really helpful in my overall personality development.”

Udit has access to a range of facilities and equipment, such as, the Experimental Chemistry Laboratory, X- ray Diffractometer and Scanning Electron Microscopy in the Analytical Suite and the state-of-the-art Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy in the Nanophysics laboratory.

Talking about how these facilities have benefitted his research, Udit said: “The availability and the ease of access to such advanced techniques means that almost all the work can be executed within the University without having to go through the hassle of applying for experimental time elsewhere.”

"If you have a hunger for research and you enjoy a more independent style of working then you might be good fit for a postgraduate research degree programme."

Udit Tiwari, PhD student

In terms of living in Preston, Udit is having a great experience. He said: “The people here are warm and welcoming. The city has a lot of beautiful parks and is very multicultural. You can never be stuck for food options in Preston!”

When asked about what advice he would give to anyone considering a postgraduate research degree, Udit added: “If you have a hunger for research and you enjoy a more independent style of working then you might be a good fit for a postgraduate research degree programme. Always remember, no one expects you to know everything! Ask all the questions, all the time!”