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Nanophysics Laboratory

Our Nanophysics Laboratory has two ultra-high vacuum chambers equipped with a suite of atomic resolution tools.

Recent investment has led to the acquisition of a Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope equipped with a state-of-the-art controller. This gives us world-class capabilities in experimental nanophysics and nanochemistry.

The facility has a suite of instruments devoted to Surface Science, the multidisciplinary topic at the nanoscale intersection of physics and chemistry. The atomic structure, electronic structure and composition of materials can be studied right down to the atomic level. The facility is currently able to take measurements down to liquid nitrogen temperature. The equipment itself can operate as low as 4 K if liquid helium can be provided.

The flagship technique of the nanophysics world, and of this laboratory, is low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy. This is the technique that provides atomic resolution images of surfaces. It simultaneously provides detailed information on the electronic structure of the surface, for example, whether the surface, or an individual atom or molecule, is metallic or semiconducting and details thereof. In addition, it can in principle resolve magnetic domains.

Detailed Information

Kit List

  • Omicron Low Temperature STM; Omicron Room Temperature STM; RHK R9 STM controller; Omicron Low Energy Electron Diffraction; Omicron Spot Profile Analysis Low Energy Electron Diffraction; Perkin-Elmer Auger Electron Spectroscopy; Micromass Mass Spectrometer; 12V Stabilised Power Supply; Glassman 3KV High Voltage Supply; Dodecon 4-cell Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy Source; Argon Ion Sputtering; e-Beam Heater; Resistive Heater


9.00am - 5.00pm (weekdays).

Where possible and with prior arrangement, staff will work flexibly during the working day to accommodate specific support requirements which do not fit into the specified timetable.


The Nanophysics Laboratory can be found in 028 of the Maudland Building

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