SafePod installed to improve secure access to sensitive datasets

In January 2021, the University was only the 6th institution in the country to install a SafePod which will improve the way that sensitive datasets are securely accessed for research purposes.

A SafePod is a small standardised safe setting that provides the physical security and controls for our researchers to access sensitive datasets. This includes a door control access system, CCTV, a researcher area for the analysis of datasets, separate secure storage area for IT equipment, wheelchair accessibility and a height adjustable desk.

Having a SafePod installed at UCLan encourages and assists our research and provides far wider access to sensitive datasets as the geographical, cost and time barriers typically associated with a researcher attending a traditional safe setting are removed. Researchers who work with secondary datasets may find it useful and a boom to their publications, giving the advantage of being able to base analysis on data to which not everyone from other institutions has got access.


The SafePod Network provides access to datasets held by the following data centres:

  • Office for National Statistics
  • UK Data Service
  • SAIL Databank

The SafePod Network (SPN) is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, which is part of UK Research and Innovation. All SafePods operate under the same policies and procedures.

SafePod is a registered trademark of the University of St Andrews.

The UCLan SafePod is installed on the ground floor of the Library Building. A schedule of bookable time slots are available through the SafePod Network Website. For more information, please contact Donna Mason (LIS Business Services Manager) on 01772 892260 or via e-mail