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Emirati student Adwaith talks about his time studying MBBS

It was the unique and interesting approach to learning, the outstanding facilities and the remarkable student support services that made Adwaith choose to study at the University of Central Lancashire.

I discovered that the spiral curriculum for MBBS would allow me to broaden my understanding of concepts and give opportunities to apply them in practice and also learned of the high probability of employment options upon graduation from UCLan and that is one of the main reasons I chose the University.

The most special part of the course for me was when I was taught how to administer injections in our clinical skills session. The moment I was allowed to do the procedure I felt really thrilled because we were taught such an important concept at an early stage of our course. While this helped my learning, it also made me feel like a responsible professional who is prepared early on about how such massive tasks should be handled.

Preston is very student-friendly and I realised that I needed to be in a place where I can easily connect with people and develop a support network if I was ever in need.

The friendly staff at UCLan showed me around the campus when I arrived and I have used the <i> where the staff is very friendly and helpful frequently. They assisted me with a lot of my educational requirements. The UCLan Careers service and Coaching Support were other services I have used and have boosted my motivation academically and to do activities outside studies.

Placements are an integral part of my course and the Medicine Placement team has been extremely helpful in assisting us with weak allocation to health care settings even during these tough times. The outstanding facilities here include labs for anatomy practical and to practice clinical skills.

Adwaith Venugopal, MBBS student
Adwaith Venugopal, MBBS student

All my tutors have been exceptional with respect to their memorable teaching methods and the development of very strong relationships with all students, which I would say is the main reason behind my ability to study smoothly. They have always been accessible to clear any doubts I have had and have given me a lot of helpful advice on how to study and remember certain concepts.

Although I come from Dubai where temperatures are really high, I have been able to adapt to the cold and rainy weather here in the UK very quickly. During my spare time, I take a walk around the different areas of Preston along with my friends, I often visit the beautiful parks, docks and other places in order to motivate myself and freshen my mind.