Rebekah Borwick's success in sports rehabilitation with Bolton Wanderers FC

Bolton Wanderers FC Academy Sport Rehabilitator, Rebekah Borwick, is currently studying MSc Football Science and Rehabilitation which is helping her keep up-to-date with best practice and develop her knowledge in sports rehabilitation.

“I chose to study this course because I wanted to understand ‘other’ components of the multi-disciplinary team that I work with. If I have a greater understanding of the ‘sport science’ element, then that will help me in the rehabilitation of my players and their return to training from injury. I also saw it as a great chance to work with and learn from other people in the field and gain new connections.”

Rebekah hopes that the course will help take her career to the next level.  She explained, “The guest speakers who have been in and spoken to us have been great and have provided a real insight into professional football at a high level which has challenged me to implement some of their knowledge into what I do. Studying at MSc level has also been a good test for me and is helping me keep up to date with best practice and current research.”

Rebekah Borwick
Rebekah Borwick

“I think this course gives me insight into the ‘other side’ of football, filling in some of the gaps of what I did not learn on my undergraduate course. This will only help me going forward as I look to implement new things into my work with athletes and when the time comes for me to progress onto another job in football.  I believe the things I have learnt on this course will make me more employable.”

After studying BSc Sport Rehabilitation, Rebekah began working at the Bolton Wanderers FC Academy, working in a professional football environment.  She also works part-time for City Rehab which gives the opportunity to work with British Gymnastics including stars such as Beth Tweddle and the aspiring gymnasts that she coaches.  In addition, Rebekah has her own business, RB Rehab which treats members of the public and aspiring athletes.

“The great thing about this course is that it fits in nicely around all my work commitments – it is possibly to study this course and work full-time!”