World’s first true footwear-based spring-damper arrangement

Introducing advanced biomechanics technologies to evaluate new designs leading to sustainable production of new products.


Harrison Spinks Components are a component maker within the traditional Furniture and Bedding market. In partnership with UCLan, a 2-year KTP project was developed based on Harrison Spinks’ unique patented micro-spring technology (MST). The focus of the project was to enable Harrison Spinks to integrate MST into running shoes to reduce impact forces experienced by runners by providing the world’s first true footwear-based spring-damper arrangement.


This project aimed to address the strengths and weaknesses of the use of Harrison Spinks MST, and to understand the challenges of applying spring technology to footwear. The KTP allowed the opportunity to explore the possibility of utilising a newly developed innovative component in a new environment. This development also provided future directions for component evolution and enhancement.



The KTP gave Harrison Spinks a greater understanding of how their product operates in different product areas. This enabled the Company to work more in-depth with specialist companies to assist in understanding the full benefits of MST.

The KTP has allowed Harrison Spinks to progress from a concept to be in a position to launch footwear products into two separate markets. The research ethos adopted by the footwear project also transcended into other areas of Harrison Spinks business and culminated in the development of a new R&D laboratory and to support this, new staff dedicated to R&D development were employed.

As a result of the KTP the Company place a greater emphasis on data and quality through the increasing research presence developed by the Associate all new developments are now subject to technical testing as part of the ISO9001 process. Scientific and technical information also now plays a greater role in commercial conversations and company marketing materials.

The KTP Associate was offered and accepted the position of Head of Research at Harrison Spinks and this position will grow further in the future as the company has impressive growth and development plans.

The partnership enabled UCLan to enhance their understanding of taking a desktop idea through prototyping to a finished product which improved their knowledge of the challenges that face SMEs and has led to several other unrelated commercial links and successful funding applications being developed.  The KTP Final Report was awarded the highest assessment of ‘Outstanding’ from Innovate UK.

"The KTP has allowed our business to understand much more about our products than we previously thought.  Harrison Spinks have only become experts in pocket sprung footwear as a direct result of the KTP, proving an invaluable way to diversify our product into other markets.

Darren Marcangelo,
Commercial Director, Spinks Springs

Company Overview

Harrison Spinks is one of the UK’s leading Luxury Pocket Spring bed manufacturers with a long history of innovation in components and spring technology, utilising patented machinery and design technology.