Jack Bishop: Aerospace Software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship with BAE Systems

Twenty-one-year old Jack Bishop had an interest in Software Development from an early age and realised that the Software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship was ideal for him, allowing him the opportunity to start his career debt free and with four years Software Engineering experience.

Jack explains how the Degree Apprenticeship works: “The degree primarily splits into three parts that we have to balance on a weekly basis; the university degree, the level 4 standard and the work placements. In term time, two days of the week are spent at the University of Central Lancashire attending lectures and labs working towards the Software Engineering degree. The remainder of the week will be based in a placement within a BAE Systems location (Warton Aerodrome or Samlesbury Aerodrome).

“Being based in real world placements gives me responsibility to deliver work to a high standard and strict deadlines,” Jack adds.

"My favourite part of the job is knowing the work I do is beneficial to the products we deliver. Instead of being given tasks where I may not feel particularly useful, I know that I am developing software that will help push up the quality of the product."

The degree isn’t without its challenges. “Balancing the different aspects of the apprenticeship (Level 4 standard, placement work and the degree) was a big learning curve early on in the apprenticeship,” Jack explains. “Each apprentice is responsible for creating a schedule that works for them. Even though the apprenticeship requires high time management skills, it is very rewarding overall.”