From student to lecturer - triple alumnus shares his story

Following a twenty-year career working for the NHS, Terence Jagger is now teaching at the University of Central Lancashire, the very University he credits for his own academic progression.

Terence had been an NHS Senior Cardiac Physiologist for 10 years before losing both of his parents to cancer. Their early deaths were both a tragedy and an inspiration for Terence who realised he had the knowledge and empathy that cancer patients need at such difficult times in their lives.

Committed to this new calling, Terence switched fields, starting as a Trainee Assistant Practitioner in the Outpatient Oncology Department at the Royal Preston Hospital. Here, he got the chance to take a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care for Assistant Practitioners at the University of Central Lancashire. He then went on to study the BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Top-Up at our Burnley Campus, graduating in 2016. “The graduation ceremony was something I will never forget,” he said. “I felt very proud of my achievement.”

As a fully qualified Assistant Practitioner in at the Royal Preston Hospital’s Rosemere Cancer Centre, Terence worked closely with his patients. From being a chaperone to maintaining central lines and taking bloods, as well as being there as a comforting presence when patients needed to talk. He said: “Many of my patients were lonely and came in on their own, feeling frightened and vulnerable. I listened to their concerns and providing comfort and care during their cancer journey, which I felt honoured to be a part of. For me, this wasn’t a job, it was a privilege.”

"UCLan is a great place to study whether you’re straight from college or, like me, in your late 40's"

Terence Jagger, BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care

Keen to keep learning, Terence returned to us in 2017 to study for an MSc in Sexual Health Studies.

After graduating, he became a permanent fixture here at the University, taking on the role of Work Based Education Tutor in our School of Health and Midwifery, teaching and supporting students on the Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care and the Higher Degree Apprenticeship for Assistant Practitioners. Today, Terence is a Lecturer in Health and Social Care. As an alumnus of the same School in which he lectures, he has a unique insight. He said: “Having been a student on this programme at UCLan myself, as a lecturer I pride myself on encouraging everyone to reach their full potential and development. I’m also able to share my real-world experiences, which helps to bridge the gap between academia and practice, enhancing the relevance of the programme.”

From his days as a student to his current role as a lecturer, Terence’s feelings about the University remain the same. He said: “It has a very warm, friendly and family feel to it. There's just something that 'opens the doors' and greets you with an enormous sense of welcome.

"I have met, and still meet, some amazing lecturers who always spare the time to listen to the students. It’s such a privilege to be here as a member of staff and to support the programme I truly believe in. As a lifelong Prestonian, I feel proud to be giving something back to the local community’’. 

Terence Jagger, BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care
Terence Jagger, BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care