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Photography alumna, Simone Trumpet, talks about her career

Simone Trumpet's photography career is going from strength to strength, after graduating from Photography at the University of Central Lancashire.

With a passion for photography and a love for subjects where she could express her creativity, Simone Trumpet chose to study BA (Hons) Photography at the University of Central Lancashire. Talking about her degree choice, Simone said: “My passion for photography only grew and people around me could see it too. It was an obvious choice for me to study photography.

During her time at University, Simone had the opportunity to speak to UCLan graduate, Turner Prize winner and Professor of Contemporary Art, Lubaina Himid CBE. Reflecting on this experience, Simone said: “Talking to Lubaina was the most nourishing conversation I have had with another artist to date. Her advice was priceless and I still listen to the recording of the conversation. Each time I listen to it there is another layer of advice that I understand and can apply to my present circumstances. I hope to meet her again one day in the near future.”

After graduation, Simone initially found it difficult to find a job in photography so she worked in retail in order to become independent and move out of her family home. Talking about her experience, Simone said:” There are not a lot of black female photographers. I had to work twice as hard and sometimes for free just to get my foot in the door. I would always take pictures in my spare time of anyone and anything. My passion and determination are what helped me make photography my day job.”

Simone’s first photography job was in a studio that focused on family and new-born photography. This was followed by obtaining a driver’s licence so she could apply for a wider variety of jobs. Simone has worked in a variety of photography jobs, from taking pictures of retinas at opticians to smaller studios that focused on boudoir photography.

Simone Trumpet, BA (Hons) Photography graduate
Simone Trumpet, BA (Hons) Photography graduate

"Follow your passion and you will find the job that is right for you. Develop your self-awareness so you can listen to yourself more clearly and stay rooted in your values."

Simone Trumpet, BA (Hons) Photography graduate

Talking about her photography career, Simone said: “What’s common in every photography job I have had is the pace. You have to be efficient and execute your work to the best of your ability in a short amount of time. The most rewarding photography jobs are the ones I have done for fun, from taking pictures of Heaton Hall to photographing musicians at Manchester Jazz Festival.”

Currently, Simone is a photographer at a well-known multinational retail business. Her role involves shooting seasonal campaigns that engage the public and that drive revenue and sales.

Simone has also been given a grant by Manchester Museum to exhibit her photography work in an online exhibition. The exhibition is called 'The Divinity of Afro Hair', where Simone pays homage to traditional hairstyles by creating different shapes that display the versatility of Afro hair.

The online photography exhibition is part of Manchester Museum’s ‘Black History Month and Beyond’ programme which aims to open the museum as a platform for amplifying black voices and stories.

Reflecting on her greatest achievement since graduation, Simone said: “Not giving up on using my degree. I could have easily gone in a different direction and followed the money. However, I know that I would not be happy.”

When asked what advice she would give to those wanting to do something similar, Simone said: “Follow your passion and you will find the job that is right for you. Develop your self-awareness so you can listen to yourself more clearly and stay rooted in your values.

She continued: “Achieving your goals and dreams does not happen in a linear way. You will have to change your direction so you are a well-rounded individual, but if you’re determined you will achieve your dreams.”

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