MBBS graduate, Serena, talks about setting up her own company

Serena Patel is working as a NHS Doctor and has set up her own business called Skin by Dr Serena after studying Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire.

When medicine sparked her interest, Serena Patel decided to pursue her dream and study the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science (MBBS) at the University of Central Lancashire. Talking about her degree choice, Serena said: “I love the blend of hands-on work, as well as the development of personal skills and the opportunity to build relationships with your patients and truly make a positive impact in their lives.”

After graduation, Serena became a Doctor working full-time for the NHS where she works in various medical, surgical and community roles. Alongside this, Serena set up her own business called Skin by Dr Serena where she provides aesthetic medical work including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, chemical peels, medical grade skincare and microneedling.

Serena was inspired to set up her own company from her experiences visiting a dermatologist as a teenager, who had a great impact on her outlook of skin health and confidence. The dermatologist helped Serena to understand self-confidence, how to look after her skin and what resources are available to help.

Talking about her company, Serena said: “I have developed my own company to provide services that have helped me in the past. There’s a lack of regulation in the UK regarding aesthetic medicine and it was important for me to give people an opportunity to come to a safe, registered and insured clinic to receive treatment from a qualified medical professional.”

Serena Patel, MBBS graduate
Serena Patel, MBBS graduate

"The hands-on experience from UCLan in placement and clinical skills helps to prepare us for real life. "

Serena Patel, MBBS graduate

Currently, Serena is in the process of collaborating with some doctors from University College London to publish a paper on anti-wrinkle injections, the benefits of this treatment and the contrast of the lack of regulation in the UK.

When asked about her lasting memories at UCLan, Serena said: “The staff! Stephen Gowland-Mahon, Professor Jackson, Dr Brown, Dr MacDowell, Caroline Dolman, Lizzy Johnson and Dr Ailsa Cormack. They care about their students and want them to succeed. They are so invested in having their students succeed and making the course the best it could possibly be.”

Talking about how her degree has had a positive impact on her career journey, Serena said: “The hands-on experience from UCLan in placement and clinical skills helps to prepare us for real life. Additionally, the communication skills at UCLan and teaching us about the psychological process of patients, their rational and understanding emotions is second to none and vital for the job.”

When asked about what advice she would give to those wanting to do something similar, Serena said: “If medicine is your passion, don’t hesitate. Go for it! Enjoy your time as a student, medical rotations will teach you what the practicalities of being a doctor are. UCLan students starts their clinic placement early which is so beneficial. It’s all the things you will be doing as a doctor and learning the job itself is half of the battle.”