South African alumnus looks back at his UCLan journey

A South African alumnus has shared his story of his time at University, as he waves his son off to follow in his footsteps to study at the University of Central Lancashire.

Makhubalo Ndaba says that UCLan gave him a life he “never could have imagined” and that he is immensely proud to be able to send his own son Ntsika to Preston to study. The father of three, from Eastern Cape, South Africa, joined UCLan in 2000 to complete a scholarship-funded master’s programme in Employment Law.

Graduating the following year, he was able to use his developed knowledge, skill set and confidence to take on a new job as Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee for the largest Asset Management Company in Africa, the Public Investment Corporation (PIC).

"I couldn’t believe the friendship that I got from my flat and my class. Everyone was so friendly."

Makhubalo Ndaba, Employment Law graduate
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Makhubalo Ndaba, Employment Law graduate
Makhubalo Ndaba, Employment Law graduate

Makhubalo’s son Ntsika has recently started at UCLan on the BA (Hons) Business and Management course and both father and son cannot wait to see how Ntsika develops both personally and professionally.

Ntsika matriculated from the prestigious Kearsney College, ranked the seventh-best boarding school in South Africa, and is excited to see where his UCLan degree will take him. He said: “I am very ecstatic, even though it’s so far from home and I’ve had to leave my family and friends, it is something I need in order for my growth and success. I am very thankful for the opportunity to continue my studies overseas and I can’t wait for what life has to offer.”

Makhubalo added: “My son can’t wait and some of his friends are already in the UK. For me, this wouldn’t have been an option, so it’s amazing that he has this opportunity. I am confident UCLan will mould him.

“Coming from a country with a history of social discord and moving to somewhere filled with love and compassion makes you look at the world in a different way.”