International graduate, Benjamin, shares his UK journey

With some technical work experience behind him in his home country of India, Benjamin chose to study in the UK to pursue his goal of helping an organisation make strategic decisions.

He decided to take the next step and enrol on a Master of Business Administration with professional placement (MBA) at the University of Central Lancashire.

During his time at University, Benjamin got involved in sports activities; from playing pool in Harrington Building after lectures to participating in sports events in Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre. This involved interacting with students from all over the world and these experiences taught Benjamin how cultural behaviours vary from place to place.

Benjamin Suretkar, MBA with professional placement graduate
Benjamin Suretkar, MBA with professional placement graduate

"My degree taught me both theoretical and practical knowledge which helped me a lot in job searches. "

Benjamin Suretkar, MBA with professional placement graduate

After graduation, Benjamin started working for BAE Systems as a Service Reporting Developer. As part of his role he creates reports around KPIs, costs, timescales and customer satisfaction. He also highlights risks, opportunities and concerns through formal and informal reporting. Benjamin’s role is strategic and analytical with a focus on continuous improvement for improving processes.

When asked what advice he’d give to current or prospective students wanting to do something similar, Benjamin said: “I would advise students to learn trending technologies or courses along with your coursework, which are changing in the job market. Analyse job roles within your job search and work out what the employers are looking for. LinkedIn is the biggest job platform! Try to interact with employees working within the organisation or sectors and acquire knowledge as much as possible.”

He continued: “Finally, never get demotivated, invest time in hard work and upskill your knowledge then wait for a fruitful result.”