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Rachel Cunliffe

Lecturer in Forensic and Biological Anthropology
School of Natural Sciences

Rachel teaches across several programmes in Forensic Science and allied subjects, and is active in several projects developing approaches to student support. Her research and scholarship currently focus on biological anthropology, and student skills development.

Rachel's primary teaching responsibilities are undergraduate skeletal anatomy and postgraduate teaching. She also plays a key role in the development of student support at a university level, and provides academic skills support to students.

Rachel's first degree in Molecular Biology paved the way for nine years mapping cereal genes at the internationally renowned John Innes Centre in Norwich. Her curiosity for finding information, putting it together and interpreting it led to an MSc in Forensic and Biological Anthropology at Bournemouth, and from there to a demonstrator role at the University of Central Lancashire. Since 2004 her role has evolved to encompass both scientific teaching and developing our students' skills, whether directly through teaching or indirectly through staff development and mentoring.