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Maxine Rawlings

School of Business

Having worked as a Human Resource Development Consultant for over 12 years in a higher education establishment, Maxine has specific expertise and interest in managing organisational wide programmes such as induction, leadership and management, supporting organisational change and individual and team development. She is an ILM accredited coach with over 10 years’ experience of providing coaching for managers and leaders at all levels.

Maxine joined UCLan full time in 2017 having been in different guises of education environments for a considerable length of time. Her teaching is currently focused on international human resource management, but she has an eclectic interest in most things business and management (except for finance!) and particularly the use of the ‘human resource’ to maximise organisational performance within an ethical and sustainable values base. She also delivers professional accredited courses for the CIPD and ILM and is also an accredited user of tools such as the ‘Team Management Profile’ and the ‘Windmills Working, Learning, Playing, Giving’ career management programme. She enjoys working with others to develop good practice that supports and champions positive working relationships and work environments.

Teaching has been a constant feature of Max'x professional life. Beginning with chemistry and biology at secondary level, then staff development in an HE setting, adult professional education delivering CIPD programmes and then international human resource management in this current role. This subject shift happened as a result of talking on a trustee role in a youth work charity some years ago, which fostered a natural desire to learn how to 'do the right thing' when employing staff. At this university she is keen to foster teaching environments where learning can occur and where students, delegates or pupils develop skills, knowledge and curiosity about the subject under study and gain awareness of themselves as learners on that journey. She especially enjoys exploring the use of technology to support that curiosity through collaboration, communication and co-creation of learning content. Her experience in the use of technology in teaching practice has been shared in internal setting such as the annual Learning and Teaching conference and externally at branch CIPD 'Leaders in Learning' meetings.