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Dr Gloria Ayob

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Mental Health
School of Nursing

Gloria's research and teaching interests concern topics in the philosophy of psychiatry. She supervises doctoral research in this area, and leads the MA Philosophy and Mental Health.

Gloria has published papers about the concepts of agency and personal autonomy in psychopathology. She is currently working on a project about the concept of disordered emotion.

Gloria completed her PhD in July 2007 and joined UCLan in October of the same year. She has been teaching on the MA Philosophy and Mental Health since then and enjoys the cross-fertilisation between theory and practice that the programme affords. The philosophy of psychiatry raises questions of basic significance: what is it to flourish? What claims does the concept of mental disorder make over our understanding of ourselves? How does having a mental disorder shape our perspective on life and on what we most value? Does having a mental disorder impair our ability to know ourselves and to steer our lives? These questions, and more, lie at the heart of Gloria's teaching and research concerns.