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Dr Tim Owen

Reader in Criminology
School of Justice

Dr Tim Owen is a leading, international Criminological Theorist whose unique, 'Genetic-Social, meta-theoretical framework draws upon behavioural genetics, evolutionary psychology ,neuroscience and the philosophy of Heidegger in the task of 'building bridges' between the biological and social sciences in over 30 publications, 6 of which are books.

Dr Tim Owen is the Director of the high-profile, Uclan Cybercrime Research Unit [UCRU], Reader in Criminology and a Research Degree Tutor. He is also on the Senior Management Team in the School, the Steering Committee of Uclan Cyber Offer, and a member of the Uclan Criminal Justice Partnership.

Dr Tim Owen has taught in several Universities prior to his appointment at Uclan in 2007 including the University of Liverpool and the Open University.

  • PhD Sociology, University of Liverpool, 2006, Awarded without corrections
  • MA Sociology and Social Policy, University of Liverpool, 1999. Awarded a Distinction
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy [HEA], 2013
  • Dr Tim Owen's main research interests include cybercrime, genetics and crime, neuroscience and crime, terrorism and security, masculinities, and the politics of ethnic identity in Northern Ireland. He welcomes applications for postgraduate study in these and related areas.
  • Dr Tim Owen is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy [HEA], a Fellow of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and a member of the British Society of Criminology. He is also an invited member of TITAN's [Serious Organised Crime Unit of the North-West] CISP forum/thinktank on cybercrime, and an invited member of the Home Offfice/NCSC, 'Future Directions in Cybercrime Research' thinktank.
  • Dr Tim Owen is a Consultant to the EPSRC on cybercrime, a Consultant to two bio-informatics companies, and a Reviewer for Sage, Palgrave Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Polity Press, Current Sociology [Sage], Journal of Social Behavior [Sage], and the Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. He also serves on the Editorial board of The Internet Journal of Criminology.