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Dr Paul Marston

Senior Lecturer in Statistics and History of Science
School of Natural Sciences

Paul now teaches on a combination of courses in theoretical statistics, and on the history of astronomy.

Paul has written papers on the history of science, and has also written a textbook on great astronomers in history up until about 1900 (2014 ); he formerly taught courses on the interaction of science and religion and has published various books on this subject in the UK and USA has 16 other sole and co-authored books (some translated into German, Croatian, Russian, Chinese,Portuguese, Nepalese and Arabic).

A long history, particularly in teaching using a variety of modes of delivery, and across a wide spectrum of subjects.

  • M.A. (Theology) Manchester 2004
  • Phd O.U. 1984
  • M.Sc. (History and Philosophy of Science) London University 1972
  • M.Sc. (Statistics and OR) L.S.E. 1968
  • B.Sc.(Econ) L.S.E> 1967.Also has teaching certification
  • 1998 Templeton prizefor a course on science and religion
  • Grandchildren