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Dr Lorraine Dacre Pool

Principal Lecturer, Student and Staff Development

Lorraine is a Chartered Psychologist and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is widely known for the development of the CareerEDGE model of graduate employability; the journal article that introduced the model in 2007 has been downloaded 60,000+ times and is widely cited (1100+ times). She has a particular interest in emotional intelligence and the role this plays in graduate employability, the subject of her PhD research.

Lorraine has published a number of articles on graduate employability, emotional intelligence and emotional self-efficacy and is often invited to speak on the subjects both within the University of Central Lancashire and at other universities, nationally and internationally. The CareerEDGE model is used in many higher education institutions around the world and appears in many other publications and text books. It is designed to explain in a clear and practical way that employability development encompasses personal, educational, career and professional development and is not solely concerned with the ‘job getting’ elements (important as these are). Lorraine teaches emotional intelligence to students from many disciplines across the university, runs staff workshops and is co-editor (with Professor Pamela Qualter) of the book ‘An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence’. Part of the British Psychological Society ‘Textbooks in Psychology’ series. Publisher Wiley-Blackwell.

Lorraine joined what was the Centre for Employability at the University of Central Lancashire in 2005. Following the publication of the CareerEDGE model in 2007, which included emotional intelligence (EI) as an essential component, Lorraine’s PhD research investigated if it was possible to teach EI and for students to develop it. This involved the successful design, delivery and evaluation of a taught module of EI (the first of its kind in the UK), details of which were published in the peer-reviewed journal Learning and Individual Differences. Lorraine has been an invited keynote speaker in the UK, Ireland and Denmark. She has provide consultancy on employability to the BBC and the Department for Education, HE Strategy & Policy. Lorraine was also invited to contribute to a number of employability related events for AdvanceHE (previously the Higher Education Academy) and has been a member of their Expert Employability Group since 2017.