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Dr Giannis Prinos

Research Assistant

For Giannis, social research is driven by the need for a deeper understanding of the development of contemporary urban society and its unequal outcomes, alongside an explicit engagement with public policy; particularly social policy and the challenges it faces. By extension, this often entails the exposure of policy “myths” and critique of the inadequacy of both current conceptualisations and applied policy solutions. It is only through a combination of empiricism, detachment and theoretical engagement that researchers can truly understand the social world and begin to strive for a human coexistence that is more equitable, harmonious and meaningful than it has been up to now.

Much Giannis' research interests are interlinked, overlap and are not so easy to compartmentalize, conceptually or thematically. Nonetheless, three dominant themes to date can be discerned: 1. Public governance and, specifically, the governance of behaviour as it is reflected in the design, strategic goals and applied policies of modern social welfare programmes, as well as their associated ‘governance technologies’, narratives and legitimizing discourses in culture, society and politics. 2. Developing a theoretically-informed understanding of the power relations and socioeconomic processes associated with group stigmatisation / marginalisation and the efforts for the (re)integration of vulnerable social groups (i.e. the homeless, people with mental health problems, ex-offenders, welfare recipients, drug users, etc.). The underlying goal is to link these processes -as they are reflected in applied policy- to the realms of governance, the concept of social citizenship and the role of the Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) within the broader context of social welfare transformations, and the impact of community wealth-building strategies such as the ‘Preston Model’. 3. Co-operative models of socio-economic organisation as a response to a 'post-neoliberal' society.

Currently, as member of the Social Innovation Team in the University of Central Lancashire, Giannis is investigating the Preston Model examining the ways people, organisations and businesses in Preston perceive the model, focusing on its creation, impact, further development and future prospects.